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  1. By the way, why is my log file in the public domain? I uploaded it for Klei, not for everyone on the internet. Klei please hide the files people send to you.
  2. Hello! I am trying to summon Twins of Terror every night but they doesn't come at all. I see light from Terrarium and messages "This is going to be a terrible night..." and "The Twins turn their gaze toward Seventhman" but bosses do not arrive. Earlier, I had a bug with invulnerable Twins of Terror, who did not want to fly away during the day. When they finally flew away, I was afraid to call them again until all the bugs with them were fixed. And so, when I finally decided to call them, they simply do not arrive. At first I thought that I need to wait for 15 days. But when 15 days passed by and Twins still doesn't come I understood that this is a bug.
  3. Thank you very much for your answer! It helped! Bugged Twins gone!
  4. When I rollback the game, Twins of Terror, which should fly away during the day, do not fly away, but remain in the game world. They can attack my character (Wanda), but for me they are invulnerable. They keep attacking me and producing Suspicious Peepers. Please, fix this bug, as I no longer have any saves to rollback and the Twins of Terror are now in my world forever.