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  1. Agreed on that overman, it appears that in any room with height greater than 2 they choose to fly. It would also conserve fuel and reduce CO2 levels. I started a new colony without jetpacks and with pathing limited as much as possible, and I am now closing in on cycle 400 and still maintaining 60 fps. However, there must be a memory leak or something, because I have to restart the game every 4 hours or so due to at the 3 hour mark the frame rate starts steadily dropping.
  2. I was using jetpacks, so this may be the answer...... well that sucks, because the jetpacks open up some really cool options.
  3. I start the game at a rock solid 60 FPS, and usually stay there for the first 50 cycles and standard base expansions. The farther I go though, the worse it gets. I am currently on cycle 300 of this save with 20 dupes, and my FPS has dropped to less than 10, 100% process bound. Creatures, dupes, etc also experiencing glitchy behavior and "hanging" often with stuck animations or lack of movement orders issued. Restarting the game gets the FPS back up around 18-20, but it quickly drops again. Things of note - I have around 300 shine bugs, but in other saves where I kept few or zero animals, the performance degradation was the same. Same goes for dupe count. The slow down does appear to correlate to the base size directly, though I am not sure it correlates to amount of machinery running. I can use debug mode to remove fog of war so that the whole map is functioning at once, and there is zero impact on game performance. PC spec - AMD 2700x and 980ti, 16 gigs ram. Neither CPU nor GPU are anywhere near heavy load when experiencing this behavior.