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  1. Just a thingy, when selecting a bed, it now doesn't display anymore the other dupes who have one:
  2. What about metal refinery, it again produces lots of heat when processing steel (as in space industry upgrade), is that intended, or 'll be reworked?
  3. is this statue visual bug known around? Also is doesn't show as master piece whereas it's a master artist that did it..
  4. This is kinda expensive for canvases, since they now already require reed fiber.
  5. [ IMPORTANT: I run this save on preview, however I started it on cosmic upgrade, the transition to preview was fine, I had to rebuilt the refinery to make it work work again] hi, as you can see on the picture, I have asked some iron to refine in the metal refinery. I've got all what's needed: coolant, output pipe empty, raw iron in it. However, the status in the recipe menu indicates "no workable orders", and it doens't produce anything. From what I saw, this happens with alsmot all commands: continuous, by x5, also with different recipes queued. First it's nominal, but after one queued reciped have been proessed, it turns to "no workable orders". The only way I've found to make it work is almost 1 by 1, or by chaging the amount I want, then the recipe status return nominal, but I've to check all the time. Thanks for you work all devs.