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  1. The change to auto-sweepers is reverting to an old bug, so the 'crying' here is because a bug that was fixed is returning and will ruin a lot of bases. The only changes here that are removing 'useful' bugs are the sweepy dock and ice machine fixes... and I hope we eventually get better ways to manage/create magma because I doubt this will close that door, it will just force the community to make use of other exploits until there's a purpose-built mechanism for making things hotter than~500C without a volcano.
  2. I'm really looking forward to launching a rocket being more intuitive. The game should be playable without needing to look up a tutorial for major milestones, and right now you can say that about everything except launching a rocket imo. I have some friends who have been waiting on ONI for a while and intend to buy it when it's next on sale, which will probably coincide with this DLC, so improvement on the new player experience would be appreciated. Plus, space-age materials are so useful but arrive so late that practically speaking it feels like you have already bent over backwards to do everything without them by the time you get to have them.
  3. I do Building a pipe to where I want an airlock is way too much a pain for me. Honestly, I play without making airlocks until late-game these days.
  4. Honestly my only quibble with the current airlock system is the bottle emptier/pitcher pump system. They're fine in early game but by midgame I'm always irritated that I need to keep open air areas with liquids to supply research and clean up spills. I'd *love* a building that let you dispense bottles of a specific size and put them back straight into a pipe, though that still leaves needing to use a bottle emptier to build an airlock (at least without a way to deliver objects to a place of your choosing, another feature I'd really appreciate-using dupe labor not a conveyor belt). At least then you would only need to empty a known number of bottles.
  5. I'm agreed on the first rocket, not sure what's wrong there. The second, let's see what's different:
  6. I suspect you didn't add the cargo pod. I'm getting 882kg fuel required from the calculator with the information you gave.
  7. Basically, it seems like a liquid thermo sensor isn't working. I have reloaded this save multiple times, changed the automation settings then put them back, and each time no matter what it shortly lets through cold packets it shouldn't (I noticed because my aquatuner's pipes kept breaking). Am I missing something obvious or is this a bug? Save file attached. beginning again.sav
  8. Not necessarily, no. The way rocket missions work now and the way they would work with asteroid colonies could be exactly the same from the perspective of your starting colony-send rocket up, get rocket back. There's no need for the base game to include asteroid colonies, plus that level of extra complication is perfect fodder for dlc because it's not very newbie friendly--new players will have a hard enough time getting space materials without needing to run a whole extra colony to do so.
  9. I don't think colonizing other asteroids will be in vanilla--that's really the sell for the DLC But I would imagine a lot of the rework of how rockets are built/function will make it into Vanilla, which I'm excited enough for cause being able to have rockets earlier in the game for space age materials sounds amazing
  10. As others have mentioned, the downtime from the electrolyzer being over-pressured is the problem. Specifically, your hydrogen pump is the problem. Each air pump moves 500g/s, you have two pumps active for one electrolyzer, and one pump is moving only hydrogen. Well, only 112g/s hydrogen is being created, so that pump is pumping about a fifth of its capacity, but your other pump is trying to move 888g/s O2 and can only move 500g/s, ergo you are causing the room to over-pressure and your electrolyzer to have a lot of downtime. The most energy efficient way to handle this is to lose the fancy filtration method and get thee a gas filter. Your hydrogen pump you'll notice pulls 240w even though it's pumping at a small portion of its capacity. If you add an extra O2 pump, it will be trying to move 333g/s O2, but it will have downtime as it runs out of O2 to move thanks to the other O2 pump, thus it will have an average draw of less than 240w. However that average draw is roughly proportional to 333/500, meaning it draws 160w. Thus a 120w gas filter is more efficient. An extra edit: in order to have 0 downtime with two air pumps and a gas filter you do have to be clever though. If you hook it up the wrong way, your gas filter will cause your air pumps to shut down intermittently and your electrolyzer will over-pressure. Pay careful attention to what's happening then and you'll figure it out tho.
  11. If they solved the teleportation bug in that way would it stop gases from reliably going up? Like, would it break filter-less SPOM builds? I think I'm confused because I'm not sure I fully understand what causes the bug--if the airflow tile in OP's design were a mesh tile, would the sour gas area flood with natural gas? Or would the natural gas go up anyways because it's less dense than the sour gas?
  12. Saw some unusual behavior: a mole doing the dance of its people! Shove mole dance.mp4