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  1. If we missed the drops due to busy life schedules... will they become redeemable with points eventually? Thanks!
  2. It worked! Thank you! I just hate myself for not using spools as I have too many and they are useless (while the points might be needed at at a later date and then I will kick myself)... but I stupidly did not know that was an option.
  3. Hi, I was trying to redeem the shovel and it says I have insufficient points... but I have 6800 and never used any points. Is there something I am missing or something wrong? Thanks.
  4. It depends on the rarity for the profile items for example.. some are cheaper some are 450! Unexpected twist.
  5. . …and finally Winter Feast is here so I can have these sexy percentages since I was missing the Snowfallen skins!
  6. *has back for remaining characters snowfallen skins without content added and part of her really wants to explain in detail how she pictures them*
  7. Yes, the Funko skins will be tradeable and marketable elegants. Only thing that annoys me is that I cannot find any retailer that already has them and I have to wait for popinabox!
  8. Looking at skins and such (great thread btw to keep track of what is missing) and my question is: if I participated in the Gorge.. shouldn't I have received this even if not placing like how I received the normal Cornucopia portrait?