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  1. you can get a trinket from tumbleweeds and trade it to pig king for the sketch.
  2. a lot of people are having this problem. they have to fix this soon.
  3. this happens to me too. it says "Error loading worldgen_main.lua". i saw this happen to a klei server recently too.
  4. i just saw that too today lol
  5. did you switch to the beta? the beta of the game uses a different file location for your servers.
  6. I've always hated this, but like jantonio said, it is most likely not a bug. the best way to avoid it is simply by placing your structures away from the edges of the raft. this has once happened to me because of a walrus camp in the way.
  7. there is a prefab in the game that when spawned, lags the game. the prefab is "fireball_projectile". it is something from the forge that stayed in the game. you can use the console to spawn it: c_spawn("fireball_projectile") . when spawned, it starts draining your fps. it takes about a minute to become noticeable. this bug in general does not affect the game much because it is normally impossible to do without the use of specific console commands. but it is a really interesting bug.
  8. one day i open crock pot and game crashes, don't even get to see gui. when i reload my save, same thing happens, i can't use crock pot ever again plz fix.