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  1. I *think* I have the same problem. I finally built a Hydrogen engine and made some liquid Hydrogen, too. As I start pumping liquid hydrogen towards the Liquid Fuel storage, the Insulated pipes cause the hydrogen to boil, not only damaging the pipe but also releasing it. That said, not a single gram of hydrogen made it to the engine. I am fine the fact that an Insulated pipe has to cool down first, but there are two thing to boiling: heat and pressure. There is not much I can do about the heat it seems, but how do I make high pressure in the pipe to prevent boiling of the Hydrogen within? Are you planning on high pressure liquid pipes, pumps and valves for the future? Did anyone manage to fill a rocket's liquid tank with Hydrogen? (How?)
  2. Clearance is set to "Always" on both stations. (that's the default I think)
  3. Hello, please have a look at the attached pic. I drew a red and a yellow line - these are the two paths out from the base. Most duplicants leave through the red path - I guess this is the shortest computed path - and they return through the same path, dropping off the suit at the right place. When there's no suit on the red path, the next duplicant leaves through the yellow path. However, they always return through the red path and drop off the suit in front of the machine on the red path, ultimately leaving the yellow station without a suit. This means that I have to click the station manually every time to put a suit in it, allowing a second duplicant to head out. Is there any change to improve this situation? I don't mind them taking the red path as long as they return the suit to the yellow station. Could the suit be tagged somehow with the ID of the station where it belongs? (Tag to be removed only when the station is deconstructed.) Thank you for considering!