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  1. No, I looked it up in the Alienware tech support. This particular model doesn't support XMP, apparently. Someone else had asked a similar question. It's only for my model, too, which is a bit frustrating. But I have no complaints. I love my machine... a lot. It's a beast for power, though. I think that is its only downfall.
  2. Ahh, I see. There isn't an XMP option in my BIOS, one of the irritating quirks of my laptop model. The only option it gives me is to enable overclocking, which I don't like doing. I do have CPU-Z, and it is extremely helpful.
  3. Time : 1:58 or 118 seconds CPU : Intel(R) Core (TM) i9-10900K CPU @3.70GHz (20 CPUs) `3.7GHz Graphics Card : RTX 2080 Super 8 GB RAM : 32 GB DDR4 3200 (1600MHz) (Though my task manager says it's running at 2933MHz...) CAS : 21, 22, 23, 24 HDD: Intel Raid 2TB SSD I'd like to add that this is an Alienware 51m R2 laptop. I never OC. I didn't have time to restart before I ran the test. Sorry. Edit: Also, I ran three tests... first came to 1:59, second was 1:58, and the third was 1:58.
  4. Same issue here. Have to deconstruct then reconstruct the farm tile. Is this a bug or intentional?
  5. Oof. Guess I didn't search hard enough. Sorry! Although, it might be worth noting that my system is Windows while that system is a Linux system.
  6. This is a random occurrence, but I have experienced it at least 6 times since the Resin Update. Sometimes, when a new duplicant is available, clicking on the "Choose Blueprint" button results in the game freezing with only the "Blueprint selecting music" playing. The game must be terminated and restarted at the last save.
  7. Done. Sorry. I should have done that to begin with.
  8. I have plenty of food in my colony. They can reach the food (I made the dup go to the fridge). There is great quality food in there, and it is fresh. The dups, however, refuse to eat it. The Happy Space Hut.sav