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  1. The release of Hamlet on PS4

    Probably not for several months until after the release of Hamlet on PC.
  2. My guess is they meant a drop of the initial update's content, and then patches to address gamebreaking/high priority bugs. At least that's how I interpret phases. Ofc, it's still a bummer it's not out yet, I've been checking here daily for updates. But they still have plenty of time.
  3. Same issue, comp isn't even using 30% of my RAM. It eventually loads, but it takes about 15 minutes to generate the world. Bit ridiculous imo.
  4. I'm running into the same problem with most likely a similar setup. I'm using my ps3 controller through a third party app called Sixaxis Controller. This was worked for every other game I've played, but I'm running into issues with DSPE. I've found the controller is much more fluid and fun than holding the phone at awkward positions with tapping and the built in virtual stick. Unfortunately, since you can't use the D-Pad buttons with this setup you obviously can't get very far. I'm hoping that there will be a fix for this eventually. In the meantime though, could someone help explain how to rebind inputs in the .kl files a bit more? Would appreciate a way to play this without having to buy another controller.