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  1. It's my favorite photo no, arms very simple and not bend (you don't see them because of pot).This is 3rd hand fixed on the edge - so technically he has 3 arms. Just a little trick
  2. I just found this little guy in my backyard. It's Wormwood! 5,5 inch tall, polymer clay and 1 stone from Mother Nature
  3. ***little update*** Now you can buy my creations from this topic! (Also, i can take orders for something special (from Don't Starve world)) link to my Etsy any questions are welcome
  4. Yes! I wanted to make small sketch with these two It's acrylic paint (pupils) on the white layer (don't know exactly what it is, some kind of knitwear with white paint - looks like a soft piece of paper). And all this framed by black knitwear О_О Minespatch! You make me blush!)
  5. You have your own unique style (in drawing) so it will be really interesting experience, already want to see new works Wow, i want to believe that she so good! ^_^ it seems, I'm on the right track...
  6. Thanks! More strange plush creatures to the world!
  7. ***NEW YEAR PRESENT*** I'm back (finally) with good news! Sorry for keep you waiting so long. This time i tried some soft sculpting - 2 weeks of work aaaaaand you can see a big (21,65 inches tall), super soft, orange TIGER SHARK Materials i use: Synthetic fur White fleece Knitwear with acrylic paint P.S. Christmas hat included
  8. Oh, sorry, i didn't notice your message! It's so inspiring that my creations really interesting for all of you Yes, i work on new cool thing from Shipwrecked (again :D) can't tell what it is, but you gonna love it! Wait for update in next week!
  9. Thank you! Yeah, i think the background is as important as the figure itself. And it's make project more complex and interesting I'm glad you like it! But, to be honest, good sculpting on 90% is a matter of a lot hours of practice, and 10% is some creative view.
  10. Hi there! This is my first finished work (and the cutest, maybe :D) Walani from Shipwrecked, in her classic skin. But i really want to make some experiments with character's style ( Walani and other). What i spent: a lot polymer clay and 2-3 sleepless nights ...and what i get, you can see in the pictures And of course i'll wait your questions and opinions, guys!