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  1. Hi! If I put bee boxes and put fences around them will the bees be able to go through the fences or fly through them? Will the bees bee stick inside the fence?
  2. I really want to have wormwood Halloween pumpkin skin
  3. Hi, can I make bee boxes from killer bees or the must be normal?
  4. I have killed beequeen with wormwood and got her royal jelly and made from them jelly beans and I saw that they are super good and I wanna know how much does it take for beequeen to respawn?
  5. I just wanted to know is the moon glass renewable when I mine it will meteors come and give the boulder of the glass or there is no such thing?
  6. HELP!!PLS

    Thanks I checked it and it was fine I do not know why they sent me an email that my email has changed,anyway I changed my password and secured my account and thank you for helping me I really appreciate it
  7. HELP!!PLS

    I just got an email that my email fr klei has been changed and I didn't change anything what do I do help
  8. If I linked my twitter and Facebook for points will it unlink twitch?
  9. If I linked my twitter and Facebook for points does it unlink from twitch ?
  10. [Game Update] - 132

    When the hallowed night will come to ps4 ????? And when can ps4 players buy skins like the shop on steam???