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  1. There will be a TL/DR at the bottom if you're one of those people. So I've been thinking for awhile now on what Maxwell would look like after coming out of a rework. I know Klei likes hearing our ideas and thoughts on things so I thought about throwing in my two oincs. I love Maxwell and the concept around him. Puppet master and controller of shadows. For me, Maxwell takes on the role of a support/mage/summoner. Able to gather resources and alter his sanity at will (through the use of puppets) and due to his high sanity regen, magic items that consume sanity are very well suited to him. As it stands, he is mostly used as a mass resource gatherer with three puppets. The other puppet being the duellist that is good in it's own right, up to a point. It regens fast and can generally solo most mobs without issue. In some cases it can solo multiple mobs if it isn't stun locked (I've had one take on three hounds at once). I think that any increase to its stats would cause it to be broken. Instead of changing what he has, I thought to expand on him instead. Maxwell would never pass up power or the chance to gain it. With his knowledge as the previous King of the constant I see no reason as to why he wouldn't be able to increase his power and expand on what he has. My concept is: Upgrading the Codex Umbra through his knowledge of shadows and magic. What I say beyond this (especially numbers) is just a general idea to spark imagination/discussion. Ill mark things with an * as a general "subject to change" Tier 1: This is the Codex Umbra as it currently stands. I think the four puppets should remain the same stat wise. A nice change would be the ability to "command" them. There is nothing worse than having to bop a puppet so it doesn't mine/cut/shovel things that you don't want it to. Being able to command them to harvest something would be a QoL change. OR the "command" to make them/or specific ones; go idle. They can still harvest things as they come into proximity, but only when you say so. Either of those changes would suit Tier 2: How to upgrade: In the Codex tab it will have a selection for the next upgrade; requiring x3 Living Logs, x1 Purple gem and x7 Nightmare fuel: the same resources as a SM (shadow manipulator). This allows Maxwell to skip the Prestihat and go right onto shadow manipulator tech. But instead of creating it as a crafting station, he crafts it onto the front of his book. The books model could be updated to reflect this, with a smaller shadow manipulator attached to the front of the book. What you receive: Now when accessing the Codex it will also give you access to the magic tab with the SM tech. A portable SM in his pocket sounds very Maxwell. The animation for the book could change too. Idle on the ground as usual,character comes into range then lifted into the air on shadows; purple gem glowing and shadows swirling around it; go near it and it opens. I think other players should be able to access the magic tab as well, but obviously not the Codex one as usual. The reason for this is; you could have just made the station and put it on the ground anyway - which they would have been able to use. (Could change the name from Codex Umbra to Codex Manipulator? or just leave as it is, just a thought) Tier 3: How to upgrade: The next tier consists of "feeding" the Codex. While placed on the ground and in "crafting" form, you can feed the codex nightmare fuel. It's evident the SM intakes and imbues the fuel into objects. So lets have it absorb it selfishly too, for its own and Maxwell's gain. Reaching this Tier requires "feeding" the codex *100 Nightmare Fuel. Quite a lot but well within Maxwell's ability to farm. It could have a little counter above it to show the progress *56/100 etc after being fed the full *100 nightmare fuels the codex will be upgraded. (as a little side bit it would be cool if the codex whispered to Maxwell when he was near it. Like it's gaining sentience from the remnants/memory's in the fuel It could be in shadow language or something otherworldly sounding) What you receive: At this Tier the codex gains new crafting recipes inside the codex tab. Specifically 2 shadow spells and one weapon. I've based the following on what I thought would suit the roles of a support/mage/summoner. I don't want them to be anything like the spells Wickerbottom can make; besides that her spells seem more "physical" affecting the world in reality rather than the world on the more sinister side. These spells can NOT be used by other players 1: Umbral Passage (Summoner Spell) *Cost: x1 Purple gem, x5 Nightmare Fuel, 40 Sanity *Uses: 4 Maxwell creates a link to his codex; it becomes an "anchor" for teleportation of this spell. When the spell is used shadows swarm Maxwell and teleport him to the Codex. It can NOT be used on mobs. But Maxwell can cast it on another player 2: Umbral Vision (Support Spell) *Cost: x1 Moleworm, x10 Nightmare Fuel, 10 Sanity *Uses: 1 - Lasts for 180 seconds Maxwell sacrifices a Moleworm and imbues its properties into the fuel, weaving a spell that lets the recipient see in the dark. Can target self or other players. The fuel coats the targets eyes like glasses and gives them the effect of "moggles" but with more of a shadowy filter. (does not take up headslot) 3: Umbral Lash (Mage Weapon) *Cost: x1 Tentacle Spike, x50 Nightmare Fuel, 100 Sanity *Uses: 50 Maxwell imbues the fuel with the memory of a tentacle receiving the Umbral Lash. When equipped in hand it can be cast to attack a target from range. A shadow tentacle leaps forth and lashes the target for 51 damage. (same damage as a tentacle spike, but it's uses are halved since it is given range) Tier 4: (Final Tier) Umbral Guardian (UG) How to upgrade: This final Tier is a "recyclable" tier. After obtaining it and using it, the codex reverts back to Tier 3 requiring it to be upgraded to Tier 4 again. Placing the codex on the ground while it is in Tier 3 will cause it to "absorb" defeated shadow creatures in a radius. You will need to be insane to have them spawn as usual then defeat 10 of them near the codex. After absorbing 10 shadow creatures the codex fills with their power and becomes "primed", The codex can then be picked up in the inventory and used like an item. When it is used the codex reverts back to Tier 3 and the effect takes place. What you receive: Maxwell is lifted above the ground and surrounded by shadow essence. It manifests into a creature around him like a "shell". You basically take command of the Umbral Guardian. The UG protects Maxwell, while inside he cannot be harmed but Maxwell is "incapacitated": tied up in shadow chains inside of the UG and cannot act himself (he is basically the heart of the creature). He cannot use any items. Any damage taken is taken out of the UG health instead. The UG has *1000 base health but no resistances; it takes full damage. Maxwell loses 1 sanity per second while inside the UG (it's effectively draining him). When his sanity reaches 0 or the UG reaches 0 health, the effect ends (basically 200 seconds if Maxwell is at full sanity) The UG can see in the dark and moves twice as fast at night. The UG can attack, swinging it's claws in an arc in front of it, cleaving the target and nearby enemies for 68 damage (slow attack speed). Allies can be "enveloped" by clicking on them. They are safe inside but cannot act, are given night vision and move with the UG (basically hitching a ride/being protected). They are able to break out at anytime by clicking the UG. (an ally stuck in the dark? You can grab them and protect them from charlie. Swarmed by mobs? Grab them and then attack/run). The UG can attack shadow creatures. When the effect ends, either by health depletion or sanity loss; it dissipates and Maxwell falls to the ground. The Codex needs to absorb another 10 shadow creatures to be "primed" again. TL/DR Codex upgrades in tiers, requiring a cost for each of the 4 Tiers Tier 1: Codex as normal. Tier 2 (requires Shadow manipulator components): Craft a shadow manipulator onto the codex umbra cover and be able to access the magic tab from the codex. Tier 3 (feed the codex 100 nightmare fuel): Access to two shadow spells and a ranged shadow weapon. Tier 4 (death of 10 shadow creatures near the codex. Gives access to a "guardian": Gain control of the "shell" creature around Maxwell. He cannot act inside (cant eat or use things), you control it instead of him. He cannot take damage while inside. Instead the guardian takes damage. 1000 health, no resistance; takes full damage. Drains sanity 1 per second. At Maxwells max sanity it lasts 200 seconds. It can see in the dark and move faster in the dark. Allies can be "absorbed" to hitch a ride/be protected, but they can leave at anytime unlike Maxwell. When either Maxwells sanity reaches 0 or the guardian reaches 0 health Maxwell is dropped onto the ground and control resumes as usual. The codex is reverted to Tier 3 and requires the process to Tier 4 "primed" stage to happen again. Notes: If the codex is destroyed you will have to craft a new one, it starts from Tier 1. Allies cannot envelop themselves in the Umbral Guardian using the Codex. Only Maxwell can Thanks for taking the time to read. Would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions etc on what I've mentioned or what you would like to happen with the Maxwell rework/changes!
  2. Yeah I understand what you mean with Tier 2, it does seem a bit underwhelming. I was thinking that perhaps on Tier 2 Maxwell could hold the codex in his hand and be given the ability "Transference". When clicking on an ally He drains his sanity and transfers it to the target ally at a rate of 5 per second. If we make Tier 2 the place you gain more control over the shadow puppets, Im all good with that! I'd also love him to get more crafting options from the codex tab. More spells/items/weapons would be great! Oh i get you with Tier 4. That would be really cool actually. Shadows cage him and protect him and then several shadow hands spawn around and lash out at mobs/enemies. Also love it! Yeah I wasn't sure if that would be too much or not for Tier 3. But it did only take me about 20 minutes real time to farm 40 fuel, not days Yeah that was the concept. He's in the middle of this shadow golem, incapacitated. You control the golem instead. ADM had a great idea above for the Tier 4 which I also like Love it haha