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  1. As i heard Klei said that all the old worlds will be updated when turn of tides hits live, he has all the rights to be concerned about that, because i doubt that the update won't brake any worlds. Yes, because costumers should totally be forced to resort to pirating an older version of the software they paid for. I disagree, i think we should look forward to adding more content to the game, rather than looking forward to make "changes" to the game.
  2. That's debatable, i prefer the new mechanic, but i guess it's a matter of personal preference
  3. Toadstool, ant lion, fuel weaver, chess pieces, sculpting, scaled flooring, etc will make the same amount of sense in single player, the only thing that would make less sense is their health bar. I am pretty sure the new fire mechanic in DST would make the same amount of sense in the single player version, same for the way meat effigies work there, there is more, but i'm too lazy to make a list. Well, first i would like to clarify something on your issue with the lag you have in LAN games, that is completely normal for any server host based game, it doesn't matter where the server is hosted, there will always be a delay in communication between a server and a client. You can test this with other games that have a similar multiplayer architecture to DST, for example counter strike. Now, on the topic regarding the stability and functonality of DS and DST, first i would share with you my personal experience with both version I will begin with DST, where i have 250+ hours of gameplay, i didn't encounter any bugs, stability or performance issues, it's worth mentioning that i used mainly only client side mods, and all my time was spent on casual play and not QA testing. With DS, where i have 50+ hours of gameplay, i encountered a significant number of issues, from bugs to performance, functionality and stability issues, many of which were severe ( significant frame rate drops, game stuck loading forever, etc), it's worth mentioning that i used only couple interface related mods which couldn't cause these issues, and all my time was spent on casual play not QA testing. Now, from a more objective perspective, further on the claim that DS is more stable than DST. First of all i would like to mention that when they created DST, they refactored and optimized the whole DS engine, there is no way DST would perform or function worse than DS, this comes from someone who has a little experience in this field. And regarding the claim that Hamlet beta was more stable than DST is, considering what a buggy mess Hamlet still is weeks after it's release, i can confidently affirm that here, you are more far from the truth than the voyager probe is from earth, sorry for the mean analogy.
  4. I didn't ask for any evidence for any claim, i just stated that her claim was wrong, and that she could ask the devs if she needs further confirmation, because i didn't have the mood to explain to her basic game development mechanics, and even if i did, it would of been pointless, because as it can be seen, i did provide such an explanation about that issue in this topic, and unfortunately nobody understood anything.. I'm done arguing, sorry for getting a little pissed, i have a bad temper lately
  5. I'm sorry, I don't follow, what has this to do with this
  6. Yeah, according to the poll results and the posts around here, i am clearly the ONLY ONE to whom the new content seems off, right ? And yes, i am the very first person to be concerned about the new content, because i am fully aware of the impact it will have upon the RoG world and mechanics So now i actually need to provide proof for stating the obvious ?
  7. That would of been a good idea, that way they could of implemented shipwrecked fully..
  8. You didn't play single player RoG lately did you ? the single player version is years behind DST in terms of everything DST has considerably more content that single player RoG, even with the stuff ported to single player last months DST is light years away when it comes to functionality / stability ( bug fixes, crashes ) DST is light years away when it comes to the modding platform DST is light years away when it comes to improved game mechanics The only thing the singleplayer version has going is the DLCs, which are also, riddled with a lot of performance, stability, functionality issues, i can't even play hamlet because of the FPS drops and the forever stuck at loading screen issue.
  9. Interesting poll results, but i am pretty confident that when the update gets released, after the first few weeks, the opinion with drastically change, and everyone will be here complaining " the game doesn't feel the same" , "the game is too easy", "bla bla bla" and the irony is that it will be the same people who voted here with "yes" There was a solid reason behind the decision to create shipwrecked in a new world, but no one seems to get it
  10. In RoT the ocean is not a void covered by a 2D sprite anymore, it's a 3D plane like the land. Create a RoG and a RoT world, go near ocean, rotate your camera, see the difference I edited my previous post, explaining it..
  11. There was no ocean before, it was just a background filler, a texture to cover the void, as ShadowDuelist said, a made up limit #edit Let me try to explain, the land in DS is a 3D plane, the only 3D asset in the game. The "ocean" in RoG is actually just a 2D sprite placed above the void which shapes the land, the only purpose of that 2D sprite is to cover the void, in RoT on the other hand, the ocean is a 3D plane, just like the land, it has a body, unlike the one from RoG
  12. It looks weird because of the RoG biomes, none of them fit having access to a sea/ocean. it doesn't make any sense having a dry desert, or a pine forest, or a dry rocky land, or a swamp, etc.. with direct access to the sea/ocean..
  13. Again, there is no ocean in RoG, it's just a void, covered with a cardboard ocean texture.. And they didn't plan to add naval mechanics to RoG, because it wouldn't fit, none of the current biomes in RoG would make sense to have access to a sea/ocean, that's why they created a whole new world for shipwrecked..
  14. Nope, it's just a background filler to cover the void that shapes and separates the land masses, and yes, it is a coincidence that they went with a cut cardboard ocean as the filler texture, look at the darkness in the caves and the clouds in hamlet.. ask the devs, i'm pretty confident they will confirm this