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  1. Bee Boxes don't produce honey at all while off screen. Like, why would i want to build those if i have to stay 24/7 around them in order to produce any honey ?
  2. As you can notice, hamlet characters' design doesn't match vanilla and shipwrecked at all, and what i mean by design, is the way the characters are drawn and colored, any chance for the graphic design department to fix this ? it bothers me more than it should, at least give me an answer..
  3. We are crying for this for weeks, they don't even bother to give us a response, apparently adding boat repair kits to hamlet has higher priority than game stability and major functionality issues.. If it makes you feel any better, my hamlet worlds won't even load on large size maps, finished product btw..
  4. Started on the ninth day at dusk, still, that's half the rain season without any rain.. damn this global warming...
  5. This world was created after the previous update, and the issue happened before this last update, so it can't be the fact that the game got updated in the meantime..
  6. Changelog posted both on forums and steam for one hour now, but the update didn't arrive yet, at least for me xd
  7. The speech lines of wormwood have a different font than the lines of other characters
  8. I'm on day 9 of the monsoon season, which is basically the rain season, and it didn't rain yet, i don't know if this is intended, but i doubt it, since it wouldn't make any sense.. The world settings are all default, the only exception being the world size which is set to huge, and the only mods i am using are all interface QOL only ( Geometric placement, Combined Status and Map reveal radius ) I uploaded save files for both the first day of the season and the ninth below
  9. Sometimes plants such as grass/twigs/etc don't change their animation from harvestable to harvested when being "harvested" by strong winds during hurricane season. I noticed this while playing in a shipwrecked world, i didn't test it in a hamlet world, but it probably happens there as well
  10. I used to, when playing shipwrecked without hamlet installed, and i was dropping sometimes to 50 FPS, but after closing/opening it i would get back to 60 But after i installed hamlet, even tho i was playing on shipwrecked, i couldn't use it at all anymore, i had 30-40 FPS constantly..
  11. While playing i noticed that sometimes my fps drops from 60 to 30 exactly and stays that way for a while, but if i open and close the minimap, the FPS jumps instantly back to 60 This happens across all 3 DLC worlds, but happens only if the Hamlet DLC is owned and installed, doesn't happen otherwise
  12. Tall grass patches is causing significant FPS drops
  13. The overall FPS in the game is significantly lower since i installed the Hamlet DLC, this week i played the Shipwrecked DLC without having the Hamlet DLC installed at all and i had around 60 FPS constantly, but since i installed the Hamlet DLC, my FPS in Shipwrecked started to drop to 40 Please note that by installed, i meant installed and not world linked
  14. While playing the shipwrecked DLC i noticed that the map reveal radius is considerably lower than the player field of view
  15. I tried 6 times to start a hamlet world, and 5 times the game remained stuck at the loading screen, the other time, i got in the game, but the game loading screen music was still playing