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  1. I was creating a new world and when I entered i found the same world i had in another world XD Also the same things were constructed. It's amazing. The days are the same and the mods also
  2. This is not a bug, its about that I have 3 mods with content. Tropical experience, umcompromising mode and one more that adds pink trees in a new biome. The world is huge, and now i have discovered most of the biomes and the game is really laggy. I want to know, is there an option to make the game only load one part of the world and not ALL the world┬┐ Like chunks in minecraft. thnaks in advance:C
  3. I don't want to desactivate that mod , there is another way?
  4. When I try to enter to the oasis biome the game crashes, this is the error screen
  5. When I try to craft anything (except from items that have to have a place) the game crashes, I think is about the Tropical Experience mod but I really like that mode and I don't want to unsuscribe. Please let the player get back to the another crafting system pleas e