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  1. I'm not actually sure if this is a bug or is even in Together but I noticed that I wasn't given the option to burn something in my inventory As far as I know this might even be intentionally done
  2. Hitting a pig with a slingshot will cause any pigmen you brefriended to attack you even if you attack an non befriended pig
  3. The game will crash after looking at multiple characters curios not sure the exact requirements for it to crash but it has happened to me several times
  4. I just fought Dragonfly and BOSS MUSIC Im so happy to be wrong
  5. They're never gonna fix it it's not gamebreaking so they have no reason to this has been a problem for a very long Hopefully I'm wrong about this but they have no reason to do such a high effort fix it the bug isn't effecting gameplay
  6. I've fought a few of the bosses and none of the unique music showed up only the regular seasonal boss music this glitch might also apply to the moon caller staff event or the fuelweaver fight but I have yet enact those fights