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  1. I'm not saying every character needs to be very good I'm saying every characters should be fun and have meaningful abilities Nerfing characters will make the game less fun for those who play them The good characters should get refreshes to make them more fun Pure nerfs = bad Fun refreshes = good Can someone please explain why they would rather a nerf than a refresh?????
  2. I'm saying the character should be refreshes in a POSITIVE WAY THAT MAKES THEM MORE FUN It's not even like people play the most powerful characters the most the reason people don't play Wolfgang a lot isn't because they find him so powerful he's boring he just has no interesting abilities that make him fun to play, he's only fun BECAUSE his damage is so high he's the main character for doing bosses solo he's not some character everyone exclusively plays I get bored quite easily in long term worlds when I play him but if he was nerfed then Wigfrid would be the "OP" character doing all the rushes
  3. I agree but they should achieve this through refreshing the less powerful characters And PVP mode is irrelevant since none of the best characters are particularly good in PVP Wigfrid Wortox Webber and the panflute shouldn't be nerfed just because of PVP
  4. I agree, like is said any changes to them should make them more fun not just nerfing them No character is completely unbalanced and EVERY character can use jellybeans amazing healing and what's with that dragon fruit comment? Wormwood isn't OP and Wicker can't do that Also I'm not saying these characters shouldn't be changed I'm saying they shouldn't be nerfed, I would LOVE if they got refreshes every refresh so far has made their character so much more fun!
  5. Nerfing any character is completely uneeded this isn't a competitive game, no character is so powerful that they cause you to be at a severe disadvantage if you play a less powerful character Nerfing Wolfgang, Wickerbottom, or WX78 will simply make the game less fun for a lot of players, if any changes for these characters occurred they should make the characters have more enjoyable abilities rather than straight up redmoving what makes them fun Klei's focus when making refreshes is mainly the make the game more fun with interesting new abilities and to make weaker character be able to do better in fun ways This is why I don't think Klei will nerf any character
  6. Hitting a pig with a slingshot will cause any pigmen you brefriended to attack you even if you attack an non befriended pig
  7. This is silly, Walter is fine as he his changing that will remove his main downside
  8. The game will crash after looking at multiple characters curios not sure the exact requirements for it to crash but it has happened to me several times
  9. I just fought Dragonfly and BOSS MUSIC Im so happy to be wrong
  10. They're never gonna fix it it's not gamebreaking so they have no reason to this has been a problem for a very long Hopefully I'm wrong about this but they have no reason to do such a high effort fix it the bug isn't effecting gameplay
  11. I've fought a few of the bosses and none of the unique music showed up only the regular seasonal boss music this glitch might also apply to the moon caller staff event or the fuelweaver fight but I have yet enact those fights