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  1. yes, i tried too when i was unable do vinculate my account.
  2. YAAAAA I LINKED THE ACCOUNT, i was trying in a different computer while my old one had a problem, so i got my computer back and tried again, idk that change something, buuut, i follow the instructions that Peter said and worked, i love my computer so much now. And i created another account with the same email of the first one that got hacked and deleted. i'm hopeful for u now guys, good luck. Try link using another computer you never used before or the one you already linked your first account, for me worked try again using the computer that i linked the first time.
  3. I tried, again, and didn't work, shows me this message, again, https://imgur.com/a/886jzkK. And yes, i tried follow the message too.
  4. I'm still trying to conect the account and i saw, when i try to conect Klei to Twitch appears an error message but conect the account, so Twitch says it's conected and Klei says it's not, and when i try to conect again Klei says it's conected and during livestreams Twitch says it's not conected, but at Twitch configs appears Klei is conected, idk nothing anymore, pls help me ;- ;
  5. it happens when you try to link another account when its alreary linked, and its not this problem ,its another twitch account with other email, and when i go to conections in twitch i can see it's linked, the thing is i can't recieve any drop even with the account linked.
  6. ya, i created another account with the same email, then was the option to disconect Klei so i did it and disabled the account, when i created another account i could vinculate with Klei but im not recieving any drop.
  7. I can not connect my Twitch account with Klei, even though in the settings of Twitch and Klei are linked and also with the same player of Steam ID, it all started when I had an account which was hacked when I was connected to Twitch and Klei, when I lost this account I created a new one in Twitch and managed to link it to Klei, but I do not receive any drop and during lives says that I need to enable the drops even with the linked accounts, I do not know how to proceed with this situation, I sent an email to Twitch asking for help and I could not get answers for almost 2 weeks, I do not want to lose these skins because of an error. (Google Translate) https://imgur.com/a/N6yWkbU
  8. I had the same error with hacked account, but when I created another account with the same email, that for some reason Twitch allows, was there to unlink the account, now I created an account with another email and I placed the double validation not to happen anymore, but when I try to link with this new account happens another type of error that I have no idea how to proceed, I waited 2 days thinking that it would disappear and did not happen. (Google Translate) https://imgur.com/S0PHyuj
  9. the mdmp file was not in the dont starve folder and neither was it in the steam folder when I searched for it DirectX diagnostic LOG save DxDiag.txt log.txt saveindex_dlc_porkland
  10. Still crashing after the update D: log.txt