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  1. Sanity meter amount increases when WX has super-processing circuit in, and crosses between caves and surface. When I first noticed, sanity went from 187/275 in the caves to 257/275 on the surface. Then 257 to maxed when going back to caves. Clip for reference; this was the attempt to replicate bug
  2. When crafting a rift watch using the free crafting mode without all the materials (esp the purple gem?), it can crash the server. Has happened on 3+ occasions. Sometimes when there were zero materials in my inventory, sometimes when there was a backtrek watch, but no purple gem in my inventory. Have not tested this extensively (sorry), and guessing it's not a high priority. Seems to have occurred for some others too, but I didn't see a thread for this yet.
  3. Unsure if this is easily reproduce-able or not as it only happened once, but torch suddenly dropped from 30%, UI disappeared, and I registered as dead (with max health reduction) and fully wet. Also for some reason, some, but not all, of my inventory items disappeared when this happened. Clip here
  4. Started my game after this update, but still had my lightning rod built in the water. Have a clip of it if you want to see it.
  5. When dropping items, characters are dropping one item at a time (when not holding key modifiers). You can combine all of the stack you're holding to an existing floor item. Otherwise, drops one at a time on the floor.
  6. Playing as Wilba, I saw the thief pig in the distance while I had 4 pigs under security contract. I targeted the pig, and "attacked" (from a distance, far out of swing range), the game crashed. Upon reloading the game, the security pigs were aggressed on me instead of being friendly, and were able to follow me (despite being aggressed) into my house. They remained there, still aggressed after I exited my house. >.> Clip
  7. I've read a few bug reports here on this since it happened to me, and I guess it was the same for all of us. It hatched somewhere, not on a floor, and duplicates kept spawning until the egg was dropped. Clip
  8. Had the same problem in the ruins. Clip for your reference.
  9. I don't think there's a walking cane in Hamlet, but you can make a stalking stick. Can't help on the why it's sold question though.
  10. Sadly, I think everyone has this problem as Wilba, but I'd guess that also means they'll fix it next patch. Just a suggestion (depends on your playstyle), if you want to find Wilba easily on the map, you can drop your backpack where you are (preferably not in lightning season of course...), and open the map. You can also drop a trap (the basket ones). Both of these show up marked on the map, so you can look for them instead of character icon.
  11. Also experienced this as Wilba, no guards, on PC. Just walked in and bought something from the vege store, shopkeeper left the counter to restock, counter disappeared, then the shop keeper disappeared. Video attached for reference. DS Hamlet EA Shopkeeper
  12. Usually when you have a swashy hat on, the guards are supposed to chase you right? Was being chased by a shadow. Ran past guard, and stole some flowers. Guard chased me as expected. I put on the swashy hat. Guard stopped chasing me, but continued shouting insults at me/the shadow while running around in the same area. Continued stealing flowers, guard still running in same area until I got close enough, or got sane enough that shadow despawned (unsure which), but seemed to reaggress him when I stole the last few flowers. Also, guard was walking around with a torch during the day (other guards I ran past earlier had their regular axes out).
  13. Town caught on fire. Popped into a shop. Came back out very quickly, and the fire had ended instead of burning out slowly as it usually would. Unsure if this is working as intended, as watching some other footage houses seem to burn quickly sometimes.
  14. Sorry for the belated posts, I'm still reviewing my Hamlet footage. I found a porcupine creature that was stuck rolling in the corner of a pond that reached the edge of the world.
  15. Was killing some of the smaller, mobile snaptooth plants, when I found one that wouldn't move. Based on size, doesn't look like a grown flytrap? First part of the clip included to show size of regular ones next to character vs the one that didn't move.