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  1. Hello! So yeah, I don't know if this is a bug, or where should I have made this topic, either way... I've had some problems with my connection so I tried to do my best "fixing" it, so I checked the DoNotStarveTogether files, I didn't change anything, then I changed the Windows Firewall to accept the game on private and public (I'm not good at computers so I guess what that is) and then I restarted my WiFi (because I forgot my password but also for the connection), and then I went to play on a server which had 80 ping, and everything went fine, but.. when somebody chatted it went as; "?? ??? ?" something like that.. There was only one player who's text was normal to me but everybody else had it like that! Why is it? I'm mostly bad at computers when you need to know more complicated stuff, so I'm afraid that I broke something or? And I'm not sure if it's also happening to be on the names, the ?s. ( Sorry that I didn't blur our the names)