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  1. hello dear developers. Today, the problem gradually arises that there is no ID left for modding turf, and with each patch everything decreases and decreases. So far, as I understand it, it is not possible to create new IDs in the game. You would be of great help if you added additional IDs for mod turf in the next updates, or showed how to add them to mods.
  2. just when trying to use tools to identify the animation file in the folder, scml did not appear.
  3. the problem is that I wanted to put a different texture to the gw_wizard_hat file, changing it to a forge tiara. but it doesn't show up on the floor.just in case, I'll throw off the original hat file in the game. name of the hat in the game recharge. the file is taken from the green world gw_wizard_hat.lua hats_lavaarena.lua and here is anim for a occasion hat_recharger.zip
  4. I will later analyze what the error is and I will report to you https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1378549454 most likely this mod conflicts with this or another, (possibly server) and the mod that you threw off is not guilty. Try to remove your client mod and start the game, if a crash still occurs, then this is not the mod.
  5. can you drop the link to the Steam Workshop of this modification?
  6. it is better not to install such mods on the server at all, until the author of the mod fixes the problem.
  7. When you try to press the right arrow in the group server settings, it does not work, although the left one still reacts to the mouse command.