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  1. Same thing happened to me in beta days, pikos ate the flower
  2. That's not a bug, same thing you could do with gobbler in the basic DS (cornering, not plucking feathers part)
  3. When fog appeared, Wilba's face dissapeared Day, night, wearing smth on the head or not - no face
  4. I've put Abigail's flower on the ground, Piko ate it... and story of Abigail ends here Piko fell into the trap, I've killed her in the inventory but obtained only morsel. Flower was gone. Twelve days passed and I still don't have Abigail's Flower, I miss my sister... Your Truly, Wendy
  5. I've played new game and checked that you can't either turn on boat lantern during day and on cargo boat. You just can't turn on boat lantern. Also, poisonous snakes don't attack afret chopping a tree, but that one I believe is known alreaty, I've seen post about this bug somewhere.
  6. While playing Shipwrecked currently I've had following problem: my boat lantern (on a row boat) won't turn on. I've tried saving and quitting and then playing again and it's still an isssue. Problem occurs while playing with mods enabled and disabled.