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  1. Here's my collection. My taste is usually a "clash" as most call it, so if you see something weird and think "Do you seriously play with this?" Yes. Yes, I do. I love clashes, and I do clash dressing in real life. I love being creative and full of designs and details. Kiryu from Yakuza Outfit. My Winter's Feastmas in your face Outfit. Some sort of fighter that I don't play as because we all know why Outfit. I don't know why I made another outfit for her Outfit. Clash. Don't care. But I play him the most because I'm a solo player Outfit. Back in my day of Winter's Feast Outfit. My crush from high-school Outfit. Mommy came home tired from work during a rainy day to play with the kids Outfit. Clash x2 Outfit. I sneezed 26 times in a row mid-creation of this outfit and got light-headed and had to rest my head on a pillow Outfit. Again Outfit. I want to cry Outfit. Peashooter McWoodiegee Outfit. Woodie is actually a Businessman and not a Lumberjack Outfit. The stupid Wes is OP meme Outfit. Everyone except me throws up when seeing Wes in this outfit Outfit. Maximum Wellness without his Plague Doctor mask but still in the rest of the Plague Doctor outfit Outfit. Every player woke up Maxwell in the middle of the night to cut down trees and the guy playing Maxwell is getting gosh darned tired of playing this character for 500 days and rather play Wolfgang at this point Outfit. She's okay I guess Outfit. Her sleeping uniform when no one's watching Outfit. uggghhhhh Outfit. Outfit Outfit. NOT THE BELT! Outfit. She's something Outfit. Bye.
  2. Upon generating a new world, when seeing "Maxhemeleon"? I still heard the loading sound for a while, where it's generating a new world.
  3. Got a Fish morsel from Shipwrecked in a food shop and it has it's debug name: "fish_raw_small" the price also says "For 1 Oinc Fish Morsel"
  4. Whenever you give the wrong item to the shopkeeper, they stop keeping their shop idling animation and start moving around the shop.
  5. So I found a part of a jungle set piece along with it's vines and such next to my spawn area. I suppose this isn't supposed to happen as there's no vines for this to appear from.
  6. Not sure if a bug or not but their sound when they die is the sound when a normal tiny mandrake dies. I imagine either there's a new sound for them and it just used the old Mandrake sound or this is just a for now thing.