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  1. Was 50 lvl yesterday's evening. Opened all chests and went to sleep. Today in the morning I was 49 lvl again. Don't remember how much spools did I have, but I guess that some were lost, too. Can u check it please?
  2. All my yesterday's progress gone after update
  3. But they are ghosts and have no weight?.. Nightmares activate traps even when I'm not completely insane. They just hangle around and push those damn buttons on the floor. Couldn't properly catch the moment, but here it is:
  4. Build a "fridge" shelf and can put in only 1 piece of stuff. All other shelves in the fridge are inactive.
  5. Put a bird trap on the groud, bited with a seed. Wanted to move it from pig guards, picked up only trap without a seed.
  6. I'd entered my home right before bats appeared. And now every time I enter my home, there's annoying bat sound in there. Like... howl? Or whatever they do before coming down.
  7. I guess, pig skin drop from bats should be reduced. It's 46th day and I have a stack of them already. Or may be let the pig town citizens eat them?
  8. If you put a garland on a shelf and wait long enough, it wont disappear as it does on the ground. But when you try to pick it up from the shelf, game crushes.