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  1. This is a bug where the world generates part of the first island inaccessible. I just got to access this part with the lazy explorer
  2. Wall decoration tab is missing

    I only saw this tab in October, then it disappeared.
  3. Again? this had been corrected last month. [Hamlet Game Update] - 295671 (11/21/2018) Pig mechanics are no longer a source of infinite hammers. Added StopHammerTime() console commands that attempts to removes all hammers lying on the ground in cities.
  4. Similar to that? I used The Lazy Explorer to go there.
  5. Guys try to put a stick on every button in the calendar room and save the game, when you come back it will probably be working normally again
  6. Hamlet Aporkalypse

    Same problem here. I traveled from a shipwrecked world compatible with Hamlet to a Hamlet world and arriving was already happening Aporkalypse, however there was no full moon and I constantly needed light... Lucky that I had backed up the save before traveling between worlds, now waiting for a solution before trying again. I do not speak English, so I used google translator