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  1. Cannot hear neutral mobs like beefalo or volt goats, no issues with aggressive ones like hounds and spiders though. Have backed up my files and verified game cache, not sure what the problem is. Please help love the game
  2. After death, given the options of heading to the main menu or retrying your already created world, choosing 'retry' restarts the world BUT does not keep your world customization changes.
  3. Game crashes when it tries to initiate a meteor shower. Can reload the server and it's good again until the next shower, then it crashes again.
  4. Did you destroy the original book case and use the same one the pigs have in shops?
  5. Some items in the house are buggy. List of what I have found so far. Top hat light crashes game. Hook shelf is invisible. Can't be used or destroyed, cannot place anything 'in front' of it on the wall. Fridge cannot actually store food like in the pig shops. Listed under shelves but could not stock anything on/in it. Columns. The lit marble column lights have no change in the darkness level when placed at 'front' corners of the house. Lost materials. I fed a bird meat in the house and the eggs fell beyond my reach, I had rotting eggs within eyesight but out of reach at the 'front' of the house.
  6. Poop sounds/buzzing flis can still be heard after collection of poop from in town, can still hear buzzing noises with no manure in sight, holding space bar doesn't react to anything either.
  7. Piko's steal items after chopping a tree and run up another tree. Can chop that tree, Piko runs, can kill it and get item back. BUT Piko's can steal and hide in a stump, dug up the stump, no Piko ran out. Lost my acorn and the morsel i would have gotten when I killed him.
  8. My farms and berries stopped growing when I entered the ruins. My guess would be world regrowth factor was put on hold while not on the actual plateau.
  9. The Tuber trees and essentially, rubber, so I think the bug is the fact that they ignite by lightning at all. I don't think the 'rubber' tree is supposed to conduct any electricity.
  10. I experienced this crash last night, was doing to go back and test it today. Thanks for the report