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  1. As soon as it is time to move all the statues around the map for the shadow creatures fight is when I start domestication. Since you really need a beefalo for the task anyway I think it’s smart to do it during this time. You spend a few days on the thing moving the statues and before you know it the domestication job is done. Much easier if you already have a brush. To keep it domesticated I pen it with a gang of salt licks.
  2. Maybe now I can start playing on my MacBook again. One of the updates had tanked my performance on my 1600 day world.
  3. I really need the bird cage to be redeemable via rewards. It's the only one I've missed and other items of the set are available.
  4. Nice, all I need is the bird cage twitch drop.
  5. What's been the issue here? Just curious since I've long have had a bridge to the lunar Island with no issues as of yet. Thanks.
  6. I see, had to zoom in to see the difference on my phone. Thanks.
  7. So did Klei implement the textures included in the HQ mod into the base game (beta)?
  8. This. I've had to opt for pigs to do my dirty work with tree farms because of this. With Bearger I never get a pine cone profit.
  9. Yeah, this bug is annoying. I now put my bird in my inventory when closing my game.