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  1. Hi, I found only the foot of BFB. This did not chase me. I do not know when it appeared.
  2. Hi, Aporkalypse came, so I headed for the Apocalypse calendar. I pressed the pressure plates, but the calendar did not move. When I resumed the game, the calendar moved normally, and the night has ended. However, Ancient Herald and Ancient Spirit remained in place without disappearing. (Also, is it normal for Ancient Spirit to step on Pressure Plates and the door to open or close?) Mant Warriors is also walking on the ground. (Although it does not shine...)
  3. Me too. In my case, I improved when I restarted the game.
  4. Hi, When Ro Bin died and resurrected, it appeared on the wall. I solved it when I got out of the house.
  5. Hi, Poison Dartfrog disappears, only the shadow is moving. Before this happened, I saw Poison Dartfrog walking on the pond.
  6. Hi, No waves are generated when Hippopotamoose moves over water, but waves are generated when jumping attacks. I think this is a recent bug.
  7. Hi, BFB came down from the sky and was chasing me for a while. After that, BFB was fascinated by watermelon. When I returned, the BFB was gone somewhere.
  8. Hi, When I first came to this village, Glow Berry was.
  9. Hi, Many hammers are falling in the town. This is to drop the hammer when the carpenter's pig returns to the game. I think that this comes from when I found the third island.
  10. Hi, When I return to the game, the furniture disappears. The windows and lamps emit light, but this can not be destroyed with a hammerds.
  11. Hi, I stepped on the trap and moved to the next room the moment the arrow was released. Then when I returned to the room the arrow stopped in the air.
  12. Hi, I put eggs in a Chest. When I was giving birds a carrot, the egg hatched and Ro Bin was born. After that, many Ro Bins were born from the Chest.
  13. Hi, I let the birds eat asparagus and tried to pick up the seeds of asparagus. I tried it three times and crashed three times.
  14. Hi, The shadow of BFB came out in the house. Even though I went outside, the shadow of BFB did not come out. When I returned home, there was still a shadow. Finally, BFB appeared in the house, I could not go out.