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  1. Wigfrid is DUUMMBBB

    To be fair I would also rather die than eat vegetables.
  2. The case against smoldering

    I honestly hate the smouldering mechanic so I wouldn't be sad if it never got added to single player.
  3. Some advice with regards to rebalancing: Don't. No, seriously, don't. A few of the characters have already been nerfed into oblivion compared to single player. I've seen where the constant rebalancing rabbit hole goes. That's how we get stuck with games like Primal Carnage: Extinction where pretty much every patch is a rebalance and no one is ever happy. If anything needs to change do it once and then never touch it again.
  4. I hardly ever play anyone other than Wilson and that hasn't changed for Hamlet. I'm curious to try Wilba eventually but I need to unlock her first.
  5. SW or Ham?

    I prefer Shipwrecked. Hamlet has good ideas, but they need a little work.
  6. I haven't actually done anything to unlock Wilba but she's selectable in Shipwrecked for some reason. She's not in Hamlet. I also got a bug just before this where I apparently unlocked Warbucks twice, I'm wondering if they're related.
  7. Charlie Lore coming soon?

    While I think the mod adding her in is neat, I don't want her playable. It would just be weird, honestly.
  8. Save The Pigs Initiative

    Ha...hahaha... They do in Hamlet.
  9. Toxicity, Teamwork, The Forge and The Gorge

    There's an entire thread on this same forum dedicated to people arguing over whether Winona or Wickerbottom is the better healer, and there are an obnoxious amount of people insisting Wes is completely useless.
  10. Cheating Forge

    Test it. No really, test it. It's the difference between 20 minute rounds and shaving it down to 10. If you can't see a difference there there's something wrong with you.
  11. daily tasks r broken

    You need a Wigfrid on your team, to use the pith pike from the start (trade weapons with Wigfrid), the spiral spear when that drops, the physical damage boosters, and people willing to attack slowly and not spam cast/dart. It's possible to get but not easy.
  12. Cheating Forge

    Your "point" is a rather weak one. You're trying to make the argument that these scripts don't do anything you can't do yourself, but that's just blatantly wrong. Just look at the examples here. Are you seriously going to tell me that you can do this with nothing but mouse clicks?
  13. About the forge cheaters

    Oh hey actual footage. Maybe people will get why it's being complained about now instead of insisting it "isn't cheating".
  14. Cheating Forge

    Comparing Forge to survival is pointless. The two game modes are completely different. Forge is an event with leaderboards. Forge is an event where you get skin items in chests for wins/experience. Survival isn't like that, no leaderboards and drops are limited.
  15. Cheating Forge

    "Accessibility feature"? Well there's a justification for cheating I've never heard before. It's not like this is something for people with poor mobility. It's a cheat. Even the mod author blatantly labeled it "cheat".