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  1. I made it an entire year (without nettles or...anything really, somehow) before a glitch made me restart on another world. Never really managed to get farther than that.
  2. Your World, Your Rules!

    I turn off all the decorative jungle stuff and set boons to lots. And after learning just now that bats don't have a cap I'll be putting those on less.
  3. Favorite Things

    The ruins. I just think they're neat.
  4. Warbucks

    I genuinely can't tell anymore how many of these people are serious and how many are just trolling. At any rate removing everything even remotely questionable from the game would leave us with no game. No matter what your opinion was on Warbucks none of us want that.
  5. warbucks is gone

    An alternative to that would be using console commands.
  6. warbucks is gone

    Sure seems to be a reason people want to keep him gone, regardless. His lines were changed at some point, so even if it's not the reason for his removal, it's still on the minds of the developers to some extent.
  7. warbucks is gone

    To be most blunt about it, it's because he's British. Otherwise we would have people calling out Wilba on her lines too:
  8. warbucks is gone

    Not everyone who works for a company that does bad things is bad themselves. Besides if you REALLY wanna go there? If goddamn DISNEY has characters in their movies that work for the EIC there is absolutely no reason Warbucks can't stay on the roster. This whole Warbucks controversy thing is stupid. He's not my favorite character by a long shot but I don't agree with his removal. Arguing about the morals of fictional characters reminds me far too much of Tumblr's population of spoiled 14 year old white girls who grew up in the suburbs and have to be offended on everyone's behalf and call for the removal of eveything "problematic" because they think that will magically make the world better or some delusional bull like that when really all it does is suck the personality out of everything. It's so #FirstWorldProblems it's painful. Let characters have flaws damn you. It's less boring that way.
  9. On Base Islands

    I just plonk my base down wherever's prettiest. Efficiency isn't really a factor.
  10. How to disable Crocodogs in Shipwrecked?

    Did you go into the volcano at any point? There used to be a bug where going into the volcano resets the croc waves to default. I'm not sure if it was ever fixed, haven't played Shipwrecked in a while.
  11. Walls?

    Genuine question: how do you think learning works? Someone had to teach you how to speak, read, write. You didn't come up with the English language on your own, did you? Does that make you dumb for not inventing it? It's hardly comparable to cheating on a math test. Killing Dragonfly isn't a test. No one is grading you on it, you're not going to get punished in real life if you fail, it's not something you have to do to prove your knowledge to anyone. Hell you can survive in the game without ever killing Dragonfly at all. I don't see how the two are even remotely comparable. If you're trying to show off, fine, record a video of you killing Dfly with no walls. Cool. I'm sure someone out there will love it. I play solo, I don't have a team of six to just sit there with hambats whacking her until she dies. If I want her gems I'm going to get them however I feel the need to.
  12. Walls?

    I don't understand all of this fuss over "exploiting" the AI using walls. Let me ask you this: if there was a brick wall in front of you right now and you had to get to something on the other side, would you simply walk around it or would you try to bust through it using nothing but your teeth? Dumb question, right? You'd go around. That's what anything with even a single brain cell would do. It doesn't matter how long the walk is, you go around that wall. Is some mystical force exploiting you then? I detest anything that punishes players for being clever. "Oh, you were too smart, we have to take this fun thing away from you now!" It's just a terrible practice. Edit: I will say that this doesn't extend to "Jesusing" the water, that's an actual bug and it needs to be fixed. It was never intended to be like that unlike the walls which were meant to be...you know...walls.
  13. You guys are asking for an entirely new game mode solely to cater to you and suddenly because someone suggests mods Klei automatically becomes Bethesda? Good god talk about spoiled. The people that frequent these forums are not an example of the typical user base. The difficulty is fine.
  14. There's always mods for that.