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  1. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    Someone already did. Thread's on the forum somewhere.
  2. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    I don't get you. I'm honestly convinced you're just trolling at this point. It is trivially easy, took me about ten minutes and most of that was finding what lines I needed to change. The thing you need to realize is that development teams, unlike modders, have priorities. Is a toggle nice? Yes. But it's not as important as fixing a major bug, testing new features, etc. so it's worked on whenever they're not doing something else. The dev comments were also about the sounds, not the visuals. The blur is a different issue.
  3. Throwing an alternative out there, just for fun really. An option to toggle the blur off that also makes it so he moves slower without his goggles, to still make them useful and sort of simulate a guy trying to move more carefully so he doesn't bump into things. That way he can keep a vision related downside without giving people headaches.
  4. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    As a modder that's actually made mods to remove the insanity cubemaps and whatnot I can say that you're VASTLY overestimating the amount of time it takes to make a way to turn it off.
  5. Another one of these threads? Isn't going around in circles getting old for you now? While I wouldn't mind harder waves the longer you're insane/some sort of boss spawning after a long time just to shut up the MLG tryhards, I swear if we get anything along the lines of a screamer I will drag you all into the abyss myself. ...okay perhaps that's a bit harsh but I detest cheap jumpscares. And anything that makes it even harder to see for that matter. I'm already slowly going blind let me at least enjoy the game somewhat by not making it worse.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tencent
  7. Wortox isn't overpowered at all. I actually have to worry about my sanity now which is something I haven't had to do in quite a while. He's not OP, he's fun, and it worries me that the combat tryhards are gonna constantly whine until that's taken away. Frankly if you lot should be complaining about anything it should be the ability to clip past the land barriers into the sea and cheese out literally anything. You know, an actual bug, not something that comes down to preference.
  8. [Game Update] - 320365

    It's more than a little ridiculous that a character has been out for less than a day and people are already calling for nerfs. Good lord, people. Actually play for more than five minutes before screaming for rebalances.
  9. On Base Locations

    I wander on public servers. When I'm on my own I like the moon stone forest, the swamp, or the caves. Sometimes near the catcoons. Sometimes.
  10. Warbucks' Writing Dilemma

    People did play as him though. Accusing people who disagree with you of throwing a tantrum is really damn childish. Everyone needs to let it go and these threads need to be locked. It's done and Warbucks isn't coming back.
  11. That's hilarious given I just remembered this exists the other day. If the devs keep doing that I'm going to eat my hat. Stop reading my mind you wizards.
  12. I made it an entire year (without nettles or...anything really, somehow) before a glitch made me restart on another world. Never really managed to get farther than that.
  13. Your World, Your Rules!

    I turn off all the decorative jungle stuff and set boons to lots. And after learning just now that bats don't have a cap I'll be putting those on less.
  14. Favorite Things

    The ruins. I just think they're neat.
  15. Warbucks

    I genuinely can't tell anymore how many of these people are serious and how many are just trolling. At any rate removing everything even remotely questionable from the game would leave us with no game. No matter what your opinion was on Warbucks none of us want that.