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  1. Can i delete my .log from donotstarve? If ido, what will change in my game, i dont have any world, cause i deleted all of them trying to resolve this bug.
  2. Are you talking about the Mod Simple Map Editor? If yes, i didnt actived it, and make a new save means create a new world? I tried to create new worlds, but i hadnt any result @Zillvr
  3. Thank you! So, the first time i played hamlet, RoG and SWP were actived and some mods like status, craft pot, then i created and this bug appeared on map, so i decided to disable the mods and the 2 DLCs, but i had no results. And There is the log copy. log - Cópia.txt @Zillvr
  4. So... I bought the DLC yesterday, and when i started a new world, i opened the map and showed it Same thing happens sometimes with Shipwrecked DLC too, if someone knows how to fix this, i would thank so much.