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  1. map icons superimposed to the top left; room icons reappear only when in room, superimposed when not in room
  2. after seeing a relic fragment the shop owner's table disappeared and the pig started running into the wall, presumably to try get back to his table
  3. after picking up manure in the pig village the sound sometimes remains even when there are none around
  4. trading with pig in deli shop at dusk, was able to keep trading past a stack of clippings for oincs
  5. not sure if intended but a town spawned without a museum; all other shops are present, and no structures are out of the ordinary except the town hall only has four buildings surrounding it, and town is split into two sections without a road connecting them
  6. the lighter seems to extinguish after entering and leaving the pig shops as well
  7. moving from room to room in the temple while willow's lighter is equipped extinguishes the light re-equipping it lights it again