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  1. A snortoise was thrown out of the arena. Probably due to the use of a special attack of some weapon. It was possible to kill it without any problems, but it couldn't return to the arena again. So it just died in the air a boring death. U_U
  2. Part of the issue that has already been written in the bug tracker. Now you can't enter the burning house with a spacebar, but if something is kindle nearby and you enter the house before it lights up, then you, after trying go back to the city, will teleport to the "paradise". This doesn't always happen, it's necessary to observe a certain timing. Don't wait too long and don't go out immediately. Wait a bit and get out. Into the clouds) Tried about 6 times, was teleported - 3 times. This is relevant when outside the house tons of burning vampire bats in the sky) This bug is related to this: And this: P.S.: Sorry for my mistakes in english)
  3. Yes, the lazy explorer really helps. I'll test if the game will teleport me back to this spot during the next vampire bats attacks. I think it was because of the huge number of these creatures in the sky. If the game teleports me again, I'll edit the bug report. UPD: I lived for about 20 days in this world and tried to reproduce the bug several times, repeating everything I did then step by step. But every time I left the shops, I appeared in the city without any problems. So, apparently, it was a random one-time set of circumstances (perhaps). I was no longer teleported to this “paradise” again. At least for these 20 days...
  4. I've seen this area before, from the edge of the middle island. Small bright spot in the clouds. Strange place, but I didn't paid much attention to it. Then, a 10 or 12 days later (very approximately), on another island (started) i went out from the shop with a carrot on the signboard (in the evening time) and, instead of spawn in the city, was teleported to this area. O_o There should have been a battle of guards with thousands of vampire bats outside the shop. But instead of this thick of the action I found myself in the clouds. In paradise, you might say. Since from the dark area next to me (stock of treasures) i could pick up a huge amount of idols and relics. =) I could walk on the clouds, but it was impossible to return to the islands. This is the sad part of the story.. Anyway. Reloading the game didn't help. Now i live in the clouds) The save files are attached in the rar archive. P.S.: Please, forgive me for my mistakes in english) Treasures_in_the_clouds.rar
  5. It happened a few times, in the evenings. I caught a three pikos, went to the city (to the area around my house) and dropped them near by tea trees (dragging from my inventory to the ground). When one of them woke up, and then, immediately after this, the second one - the game crashed. At the same time, when i dropped only one orange piko on the ground, and it's woke up - everything was perfectly fine. Maybe this text will help (first crash): Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: dontstarve_steam.exe Application Version: Application Timestop: 5bca6cf3 Fault Module Name: kernel32.dll Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.23569 Fault Module Timestop: 57f7bc1e Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 0001414e OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1049 Additional Information 1: 2a73 Additional Information 2: 2a7328d8bb40c81c93b4b5f46adb8e10 Additional Information 3: 2a73 Additional Information 4: 2a7328d8bb40c81c93b4b5f46adb8e10
  6. A spoiled food just spawn in the air. О_о I saw this only in the food shop in the evening.
  7. I saw it a few times. A pig just can't get inside his house and at evening and night time. In the first screenshot he was just stuck "running into the red house" (but his house is green). When i reloaded the game ("save and quit, then load again"), he absolutly easy went into his own green house. Hmm... In the second screenshot, a pig simply couldn't get around the wall and continued to run to it's house until the morning.
  8. Something is wrong with the world generation. Some creatures can only walk on water (like a Pog), some (like a mechanic arm) - and on water and on the ground. I attached a save files. P.S. Sorry for my mistakes inenglish) If they are =) remote.rar