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  1. What sorcery is this? Why can I find Harry Potter magical effect in a scientific based game? Will this kind of magic continue in ONI? or will the developer fix it? Who will vote for levitating Storage Compactor? and who will vote for Storage Compactor will drop to ground as soon as no tile is present in comment section below. I vote for SCIENCE! Oxygen Not Included 11_12_2018 3_05_03 PM.mp4
  2. Please see the video. Is this behavior normal for Polluted Water produced from Carbon Skimmer to temporarily stuck at junction pipe to build up bigger ball of water before going into the Water Sieve? Oxygen Not Included 11_11_2018 11_40_10 PM.mp4 Dreamland.sav
  3. Try to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2017 both x86 & x64. You can find them in Microsoft official website via google/bing. Probably your Unity engine lacks its software dependencies. I've experienced ONI crashes to desktop just after Klei logo without any error notification. Turned out installating microsoftvcredist 2017 both x86 & x64 fixed it. Hope that helps. My PC software drivers are up to date and ONI works just fine witih no error.
  4. This had ever happen once to me too. i resolved my issue by installing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2017 both x32 & x64-bit.
  5. can you show me the video from Water Pump input to its end pipe?
  6. Pretty much the screenshot Oxygen Not Included 11_10_2018 1_29_15 PM.mp4
  7. Nice! I've had Win10 for quite a long time but I never know it has build-in screen recorder. Thanks a lot! I'll ditch my Streamlab from now on.
  8. @Lanshir Deconstruct the HEAVY WATT-JOINT PLATE in the screenshot below and build it again. I dont encounter anymore error afterwards many all the wiring works just fine. My game version is v291278 Try if it works wiht your game version.
  9. @Haarko How do you record that video? What is the app name?
  10. Have you updated the game to latest version?
  11. Have you updated your game to newest version? If not then please do so.
  12. The gas bubble coming out of Algae Terrarrium looks too big for me to be real. Is not it better to make smaller bubble dispersal at a time instead of large quantity at once? Which is unpleasant to the eyes and it looks buggy when you put many Algae Terrarriums in an arrangement like in my screenshot.
  13. Please check the video and images I uploaded. Can you fix this? I'm the type of player that will build algae terrarium underwater for efficiency and the way the oxygen exits from inside water reservoir looks glitchy to me. Thanks in advance. 2018-10-17 00-23-20.mp4