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  1. Why not just add new option in the Settings to start a load game in paused mode to completely solve players''s confusion. As player we'd like to see the game loaded in playable state rather than paused state, only the devs use it I guess?
  2. Liquid Pipe A (green circle) is full but plumbing system will always pass liquids with an empty space to Liquid Pipe B (yellow circles). Current Liquid Pipe Logic Be Like int main() { if (LiquidPipeA == FULL) { if (LiquidPipeB == NOTFULL) { createSpacetoLiquidPipeB(); // What's this code doing? passToLiquidPipeB(); }else{ stopLiquidFlow(); } }else{ passToLiquidPipeB(); } return 0; } Expectation int main () { if (LiquidPipeA == FULL) { if (LiquidPipeB == NOTFULL) { passToLiquidPipeBWithoutSpace(); // BIG KEY here }else{ stopLiquidFlow(); } }else{ passToLiquidPipeB(); } return 0; } So that the end result will be like this: Same thing happens to Gas pipe logic. For Power Wires I don't have any issue with them since it's working at high speed. I believe it should have the same logic as Liquid & Gas Pipes but it's alright. There's no noticeable difference. So please fix both Liquid & Gas Pipes logic. Oxygen Not Included 11_15_2018 3_10_08 PM.mp4 theperfectplumbing.sav
  3. Please please see the video
  4. Can you attach me your save file? I'd like to know where the problem is.
  5. Doesn't it not look like a bug if it's happening in real life? It looks more like a bug to me. Not only it never stops jumping up and down, it had hurt my 2 Tenured Scientist dupes very badly and very very quickly as shown in the video.
  6. Is it normal for a Wire Bridge unable to be placed if either one of its end is a door? As shown in the video. But I got no problem placing a Liquid Bridge at the exact same location as the Wire Bridge. Oxygen Not Included 11_15_2018 2_20_11 AM.mp4
  7. Please check the video, there's a problem with crude oil implementation in the game. Oxygen Not Included 11_15_2018 12_50_40 AM.mp4 leakyoilfissure.sav
  8. I'm from Indonesia and I also experience the same bug someone else has reported. I've attached the video below. Oxygen Not Included 11_14_2018 10_04_15 PM.mp4
  9. Sorry @Zillvr I misinterpret @Michi01's screenshot. I thought I was seeing a bug which left dug tile a cracked texture which had happened to me before. But I forgot at which build version did it occurred. My apologize.
  10. It's been until now I finally realize how weird it is for Dupes to deliver Dirt (red circle) when there's already a dirt in the Planter Box (green circles). I think we need: - Emptied Planter Box image replacer
  11. I've played ONI for some times and always died either lack of food or lack of oxygen. I'm so desperate so I gotta do this
  12. @Gwido thanks for the save file. I suck at ONI this will help me a lot. My colony always die before cycle 200.
  13. Oxygen Not Included 11_14_2018 8_06_22 PM.mp4 Coughing Timeline.sav
  14. I notice there's a black tiny square appearing on Properties tab whenever I hover my mouse in between JOURNAL BOOK icon and Germs tab. I've included both screenshot and video. This bug doesn't affect dupes (also shown in the video). My game version is 291640 Oxygen Not Included 11_14_2018 5_36_46 PM.mp4
  15. Wow man this bug still persist in v291640. It's been a year since this issue was first posted. Oxygen Not Included 11_14_2018 4_23_36 PM.mp4
  16. This bug still happening to ONI v291640 It usually occurs when digging 4 vertical tiles in a row as in 4x10. This bug left a crack on open air tile.
  17. I'm very sure that's the problem. So.. let's close this issue.
  18. @Ipsquiggle which graphics API is ONI using? DX9? DX11? DX12?
  19. This also happens to me, please @Brook fix it. The progress bar stays on the screen after my microbe musher is deconstructed.
  20. Will cooking different varieties of foods solve this issue?
  21. Lol you might think it's normal but who knows in the next patch these things might be marked as "Fixed" by the devs.
  22. I think figured out the problem. Try reset all buildings priorities to 5 and your microbe musher should work normally again Woah.. this never happened to me. So, it might be only you.