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  1. Quote

    1. Whats the bug here? 

    I did components upgrades to see if this method will increase my FPS when rendering map with a large base. I was still trying to figure out what went wrong and who did that.



    3. The RAM is not your real issue. Your CPU is an old one from 2011, Ivy Bridge generation. Compared to CPUs nowadays, its a toaster.

    What CPU you might think suitable for me?



    4- Dont rely on Windows-Status-Display when it comes to CPU-usage. You´ll never come to a real 100% usage in fact, even if Windows tells you it does. (Your CPU-Cooler would burn if it was on 100% all cores...)

    I've once reached 100% CPU usage with older CPUs and with every CPU upgrades the more and more harder to find one, but... doesn't mean low CPU usage is bad; if I can get the FPS I deserve (76Hz) for how expensive I bought my IPS LCD monitor for; like 50% CPU usage and 99% GPU usage, THAT IS PERFECT. Why? Because I've been tinkering around with computer parts to see how video games perform in older & newer computer hardwares.

    But in my case I'm seeing:

    • 44% Utilisation of CPU
    • 23% Utilisation 2.1/6.0GB of Dedicated GPU Memory used (GTX 1060 6GB)
    • 33-44 FPS while fully zoomed out (cycle 1933)

    I definitely know there's something wrong going on. So what happen to the CPU? Why the CPU doesn't wanna tell the GPU to generate more fps while there's still a fat 4.9GB of unused Dedicated GPU Memory.

  2. @Ipsquiggle yeah it kinda didn't match my expectation. Maybe I lack understanding of how Auto Bottling was meant to work. But I see dupes will start clearing out those water gallons as soon as I turn on Auto Bottling without to manually sweep everything. Simplest yet easiest solution for me, until... I saw everyone starts emptying out my tiny water reservoir.

    I'm glad so this isn't really a bug. It's just a matter of gameplay preference.




















    Maybe you understand me now :D it's just how I like to play the game.

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  3. @Gwido I understand your point. But as electrician myself when I see there's a battery + black & red alligator clips clipped on the battery, and found out that it isn't actually behave as DC current, I'm blown.

    I could've ignored this minor problem and play ONI as usual but, after some time this thought of not reporting what should've been reported came back again and again.

    Two batteries, one is FULLY CHARGED and the other one is EMPTY; if I see them WIRED TOGETHER but the output isn't:


    This is complete error because that's really the basic standard of how battery just meant to work since it was discovered.


    And because of how batteries were designed in the game, every time I've just fully recharged several batteries, then build several more, my duplicants will run back again to Manual Generators to pump again from 0%. While the previous batteries remains 100%


    Oxygen Not Included 2019.10.14 -

  4. @SharraShimada yes dear that is true.

    @Everyone Has anybody else aware of this issue with fully charged battery won't fill up an empty battery connected in a circuit? or is it only me and all of you guys just 100% pure gamer?

    By "pure gamer" I mean you just play ONI, finds ONI very cute, constructing things here and there, connecting pipes here and there without realizing the Battery model in the game is Direct Current (DC) standard wiring.


    I can see there has never been a report like this one so I assume most of you guys are pure gamer.

    Don't worry, as gamer you may do whatever is best for you.

    And as electrician, I do what I got to do.

  5. There's nothing in your save game.

    I never had a crash to desktop issue for the entire time I play ONI.

    I'm very sure your problem is driver related issue.

    When the developer team had done a great job at the core component of the game itself but your hardware driver is faulty;

    There's nothing to fix with the game itself.

    You will need to manually update your computer drivers.

    This website will help you:

    I had all my hardware drivers updated since my first install of Windows 10 (64-bit) and I had never experience any single CTD with ONI.

    I will say the developer team had done a great job.

    Everything went smoothly for me.

    Oxygen Not Included 2019.08.22 -

  6. I've tested your save file, please watch the video from the link below.


    1. This bug will not happen if I start a new game in ONI v291640

    2. I loaded your save file and your three duplicants stuck at PICKING UP SANDSTONE (which never happen to my current game version), I cleared all digging tasks and try to dig again everything is fine they're no longer bugged

    3. Two of your duplicants WILL NOT sleep during cycle 1 when task is assigned for them (even until cycle 2 ends)

  7. Liquid will always leave a gap even though Liquid Pipe A is full.

    This creates an empty space to liquid pipe B which is unnecessary.

    The plumbing could've been perfect if the liquid doesn't leave an empty space between every ball of water.