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  1. Water Density Won't Equalize to All Surface

    @Gwido can you try my save file from there and use sandbox mode to remove those polluted waters? My pc suddenly broke it wont boot.
  2. Dupe not mastering a job at 100%

    @paul1982 C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\save_files
  3. Duplicants stuck in repeating animation

    I've tested your save file, please watch the video from the link below. Result: 1. This bug will not happen if I start a new game in ONI v291640 2. I loaded your save file and your three duplicants stuck at PICKING UP SANDSTONE (which never happen to my current game version), I cleared all digging tasks and try to dig again everything is fine they're no longer bugged 3. Two of your duplicants WILL NOT sleep during cycle 1 when task is assigned for them (even until cycle 2 ends)
  4. Unable to Delete Tile Sketch

    I'm unable to delete tile sketch off the map. There's the video. undeletable sketch tile.sav Oxygen Not Included 11_22_2018 1_05_47 AM.mp4
  5. Dupe not mastering a job at 100%

    @paul1982 If you can provide me your save game, I'll test it here and will let you know whether it'll work or not. This whole time I have no problem with job mastery at all since first installing the game.
  6. Game version 291640 All the three dupes assigned to rummage the three lockers do RUNNING animation while rummaging. Only 1 dupe is recorded in the video below, I missed recording the other two. Oxygen Not Included 11_20_2018 1_45_24 PM.mp4 Incredible Dystopia.sav
  7. Planter Box In Need of Texture Replacement

    This sounds interesting.
  8. I'm planning to move the Barrack to another place during night time so that in the morning they can start deconstructing their cots right off. But as I select to deconstruct all Cots, the duplicants will always get up and go back to sleep while they're sleeping. Please watch the video below. Would be better to not let Duplicants leave their bed when player try to deconstruct their Cots while they're asleep. Oxygen Not Included 11_20_2018 2_30_45 PM.mp4
  9. Lavatory in game has proper toilet flushing animation but not when refilling the water tank. Oxygen Not Included 11_20_2018 2_36_48 PM.mp4
  10. I have no idea how it began. The last time I saw them their animation is stopped. Oxygen Not Included 11_20_2018 1_43_44 PM.mp4 Mealwood Animation Stopped.sav
  11. Carrying shinebug glitchy

    If you can provide a video it'd be really helpful. If you're on Win10 you can use Game Bar by pressing Windows logo key + G
  12. Can't open jobs dropdown

    Can you provide me with your save game? I'll try it in my PC if it'll affect me too. This whole time I don't have the issue you're facing. So let me test if it works right here.
  13. Duplicants instantly dying as soon as the spawn

    I've been playing ONI for quite some time and I don't see this kind of problem in the game. Can post your save file here? So we can confirm whether this your save file affects multiple users.
  14. Is it normal for a Wire Bridge unable to be placed if either one of its end is a door? As shown in the video. But I got no problem placing a Liquid Bridge at the exact same location as the Wire Bridge. Oxygen Not Included 11_15_2018 2_20_11 AM.mp4
  15. I've just recently playing around with Sandbox mode in @Gwido's save file. I tried to spawn water with Brush tool, then used Pipette to clone water properties (not shown in the video) and I don't do anything else to it. Then I tried to check the place where I deconstructed a Sink when I was discussing some things about ONI with @Gwido personally. Then I found I can no longer build Sink in the exact same location. But the remaining Sinks above and in the other rooms are okay. Only this exact spot is bugged. Oxygen Not Included 11_16_2018 4_52_30 PM.mp4 UNABLETOPLACESINK.sav
  16. The Perfect Plumbing System

    Liquid Pipe A (green circle) is full but plumbing system will always pass liquids with an empty space to Liquid Pipe B (yellow circles). Current Liquid Pipe Logic Be Like int main() { if (LiquidPipeA == FULL) { if (LiquidPipeB == NOTFULL) { createSpacetoLiquidPipeB(); // What's this code doing? passToLiquidPipeB(); }else{ stopLiquidFlow(); } }else{ passToLiquidPipeB(); } return 0; } Expectation int main () { if (LiquidPipeA == FULL) { if (LiquidPipeB == NOTFULL) { passToLiquidPipeBWithoutSpace(); // BIG KEY here }else{ stopLiquidFlow(); } }else{ passToLiquidPipeB(); } return 0; } So that the end result will be like this: Same thing happens to Gas pipe logic. For Power Wires I don't have any issue with them since it's working at high speed. I believe it should have the same logic as Liquid & Gas Pipes but it's alright. There's no noticeable difference. So please fix both Liquid & Gas Pipes logic. Oxygen Not Included 11_15_2018 3_10_08 PM.mp4 theperfectplumbing.sav
  17. It's been until now I finally realize how weird it is for Dupes to deliver Dirt (red circle) when there's already a dirt in the Planter Box (green circles). I think we need: - Emptied Planter Box image replacer
  18. Planter Box In Need of Texture Replacement

    Dirt to be replaced by Clay? or the Planter Box?
  19. The Perfect Plumbing System

    Liquid will always leave a gap even though Liquid Pipe A is full. This creates an empty space to liquid pipe B which is unnecessary. The plumbing could've been perfect if the liquid doesn't leave an empty space between every ball of water.
  20. Please check the video, there's a problem with crude oil implementation in the game. Oxygen Not Included 11_15_2018 12_50_40 AM.mp4 leakyoilfissure.sav
  21. Wingardium Leviosa.. Now Storage Compactor Will Float

    Thanks @Brook
  22. Why not just add new option in the Settings to start a load game in paused mode to completely solve players''s confusion. As player we'd like to see the game loaded in playable state rather than paused state, only the devs use it I guess?
  23. Please please see the video
  24. Pipes blocked, shouldn't be.

    Can you attach me your save file? I'd like to know where the problem is.