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  1. A Wormhole spawned too close to the land-sea border, and the exiting animation put me outside the border onto the ocean, where I can freely walk around. (Sorry I don't have this on record with no mods on, but none of my mods should affect wormhole placement)
  2. I've had the same problem, as well as situations where the Jeweled Truffle will spawn right by the entrance to the room, making the maze of traps completely avoidable. .
  3. In one of the newly added Blue Relic rooms (entered from the South, relic on the North), the pedestal and relic spawned inside the northern wall, making it unreachable. A previous Blue Relic room (entered from the West, relic on the East) was perfectly fine, so it may be an issue with that particular orientation, or may not be consistent.
  4. I had the same problem. Opening the in-game Console with the `/~ key and typing "c_tryexitblackroom()" command that Klei gave us in an earlier update can get you out, but it will re-vine any vined doors in the ruins, and doesn't solve the root problem. After successfully console commanding myself out, I tried exiting the Secret Room again, and I was "blackroomed" again, so the issue seems to happen consistently.
  5. Despite being immune to poison, WX still suffers some of the effects of poison after eating unripe Tubers. Red arrow: WX's health APPEARS to be draining over time as if he were affected by poison, and even shows the green poison bubbles, but he doesn't actually take any damage. Blue arrow: WX's sanity DOES seem to be affected by the poison, as he is unable to regain sanity with the garland while poisoned. (There is no insanity aura close enough in the picture to affect him, nor is it dark. His only sanity change SHOULD be the Garland.) So, while he isn't taking periodic damage from the poison or getting green screen flashes, he IS still taking sanity damage, and his health bar acts as if he's affected by the poison damage when he isn't. No other source of poison seems to do this, only the poison inflicted by eating an unripe Tuber.
  6. Happened again with Unimportant Pillars from other caves showing up. Map says there should be a pillar on top of the stalagmite next to WX, but there is none.
  7. I believe none of the new recipes actually show up in Warly's Crockpot.
  8. The Nettle Plant doesn't have a separate "state" of needing fertilized. The image and examine for an unfertilized Nettle Plant is the exact same as the fertilized version, making it hard to tell that is needs fertilized in the first place, as well as telling when it needs fertilized again. This has also led to several bug reports about the Nettle Plant never regrowing, because players are not shown that it needs fertilized, making it look as if it's regrowth time is broken.
  9. I notice my Nettle Plant wasn't regrowing, even after fertilizing it, despite it working before. I had gotten one harvest out of it since fertilizing it. I fertilized the Nettle, then saved and quit, re-launched the save, and the Nettle Plant had lost it's fertilization.
  10. When I re-entered a Mant Hill while the Giant Grub was still alive, a second one spawned in. I left and came back again, and a third spawned in at the same time. I tried again, and a fourth appeared, so they seem to do this indefinitely.
  11. Both Mants and Weevoles spawned in the pond and were unable to get onto land, instead traveling across the pond like purely aquatic mobs or players on boats. The Mant Hills in both pictures are up against the pond so that the Mant's spawning on the pond-side of the hill would spawn over the pond border. In the Weevole's case, several Tall Grass tufts actually spawned in the pond, and were unreachable when I tried to dig them from the shore.
  12. Chests that I had built in a cave near my base are present on the map for a different cave. Below: Map shows chests in the cave, yet no chests exist in that cave.
  13. I did this twice. Once by accident when I noticed the Renovation tab was still available and tried placing a lighted column, and again when I tried to reproduce the bug with a flowerpot (see below).
  14. The same happened with the Florist when I tried to sell her manure.