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  1. When using a magnifying glass, you can sometimes get a blue sow, the thing you give to the queen and get a key for. But the queen doesn't take these blue sows found from investigating things with the magnifying glass, she only takes the only you get from one of the jungle temples. And since vendor pigs don't accept them, they're essentially useless.
  2. Reason #323 of my 1000 part series called "why rabid beetles need to be nerfed into the ground" These overly-aggressive dicks can walk on water. Lost the screenshot, but I found a group of rabid beetles in a lake, chasing a pog (which was on land). They were stuck on the edge of the lake, running forward but unable to cross from the lake to land to get the pog. Maybe this is because some eggs spawned too close to water, or they were pushed onto the lake by something else. log.txt
  3. Was tearing through a pig village as werebeaver, and found that after gnawing a guard watchtower until it's destroyed, you can then gnaw it further to slowly repair it. Dude can repair complex infrastructure by chewing on it, you gotta respect that kind of hustle
  4. Played as woodie, attacked a pig builder in werebeaver form while they were repairing a guard watch tower, and the game instantly crashed. log.txt
  5. I gave a purple gem to the Relic shop owner because I wrongly thought you could sell gems to him. His desk was so offended by my offer that it erased itself out of the space time continuum, and now the poor fella is without a desk. It's physically gone, I can walk through the area where the desk once was so it isn't just invisible. Leaving and coming back doesn't change anything either log.txt
  6. I think one of the key triggers for this bug has to be exiting the game while in your house. This has happened to me twice now and both were caused by me returning to the game while inside. On both occasions, when I first logged in the floor was black, but the furniture/machines stayed the same. Leaving and exiting causes everything to go black. ((also the game doesn't pause when you click the 'go to forum' option, I just died inside my house while typing this lmao)) log.txt
  7. When manure is on the floor, you can hear the flies surrounding it. I placed some manure on the floor of my house like a neanderthal and, even though I have picked it up, the flies can still be heard. When I walk to the other side of the house, it's much quieter, suggesting the game still thinks the manure is just where I left it. This also extends to other inside areas, like other houses and dungeons. I can still hear the flies buzzing even though no manure is to be seen.
  8. In a temple, trying to weigh down a pressure plate at the bottom of the screen is impossible, and you can't rotate the camera to get around this. In the image I'm trying to weigh down a stone plate with a 1 gram raddish (normal behaviour) and the option to 'weigh down' doesn't appear, because it thinks you're trying to put a raddish down on the south wall. For the record, I can weigh down all other pressure plates
  9. I saved and exited in my house so I could show a game-crashing bug, but I reconnected and my house's floor was gone. Also, for some reason, my bird trap (which was previously missing due to being eaten up by the floor because of the 'cloudy floor of death' bug) became activated as if a bird got trapped in it, and was also floating as if it was on water. The bird trap appeared (unactivated) before I saved and exited, but didn't realise it was there until i saw it activated in my now black house, and looked back in my screenshots to see it there, unactivated. So basically two seperate bugs, my bird trap reappeared after being eaten up by the floor (from another bug) And my house floor became pitch black, and activated my bird trap. Since it looks like the trap is floating on water, I'd assume the ground has become water, which.. is bad. Update: I left the house and re-entered and now everything is pitch black. It's not darkness so I'm not dying, but now I can't leave and my house is now a void.
  10. It's a bit hard for me to precisely say why this happened, but I placed 2 items on the lower half of the default home shelf (I think one of them was a piece of iron ore). I was experiencing the common 'cloudy house' bug where everything you drop in your house instantly disappears, and I dropped my backpack in my home (which was instantly destroyed). Admittedly I closed the game to go back before my backpack was annihilated, and when I came back, the two items on the bottom shelf became invisible. Hovering over them brings up "Pick up MISSING_NAME", and when I picked one of them up, the game crashed. log.txt
  11. When you have a lit fire pit in your home and have low sanity, sometimes shadow hands try to extinguish the fire. However, they can't enter the house, so their music continously plays and you can't get rid of them by walking on them. It's hard to see in the screenshot because the hands and background are black but look at the fire pit and you can see a little hand trying to get in.
  12. If you so much as even make eye contact with these lads, they will chase you seemingly forever. I got 5 screens away from them and could still hear them pattering towards me. It was like a member of BTS being sighted at a local burger king and being hunted by a horde of rabid kpop stans. Also, since the beetles are faster than you, this makes their aggro time last even longer UPDATE: A horde of these dickheads just killed 3 gorillas in seconds and then proceeded to go for me, you can see them below chasing me and eventually killing me, since they are faster than my character and since they keep pushing each other closer to me, I can't outrun them
  13. Upon reaching the hay fever season, cloud puffs start appearing in your house and buildings. dropping any items causes the item to instantly disappear. You are also unable to place any buildings, such as alchemy engines. I just found this also sometimes applies to dungeons. I can't chisel any ruin structures without the idols/gold nuggets disappearing into the ether. Much love, the expansion is fantastic
  14. When feeding asparagus to a bird, you get asparagus seeds. They work just fine, but are called "MISSING_NAME" and have no icon.
  15. I angered two thunderbirds and they both summoned lightning bolts in a very short span of time, and the game crashed immediately. Also if it's worth anything, it was also just transitioning to day time as it crashed. the crash said something about 'Hippo's target was invalid' and to 'tell Jason'. So wherever you are mate, here's my log, eat your heart out log.txt