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  1. Hi guys! Will it be possible to see the "road map 2020" from you? And if not now then when?
  2. My full support! Always coming out 40 degrees is just nonsense
  3. This is great news for the last time!!! Continue! The game is too easy for me and I've been losing interest lately, but this is what it takes!
  4. Hi! During the study of the gas source, the duplicant begins to suffocate because it has no oxygen. He goes for a breath, and when he comes back, voila! Oxygen is endless! 16.sav
  5. yeap, I'll do it tomorrow, if it necessary. But the problem apparently is 99% in my system....... - I tested this save game on my friend's computer too - everything is fine. (he have 4790k, 8gb ddr3 on 1600mhz). So, apparently, it's not problem in the Game.... And I am need a new computer.... do you still need the output log, and dmp file?
  6. not my case, I didn't press any button during the auto save and more - crash does not happen at the time of auto save, it happen about a second AFTER it. You can see it in my video (in the video I PRESS the buttons, Yes, but I did it this time on purpose, usually not. If necessary, I can rec another video where my second hand will be in sight and bound, but the game will still crash :)) )
  7. hola. RAM 12 gb, but I have i5 2310, it`s ddr3. ( 4+4 and 2+2 gb) free disk space is very high, more 1 terabyte. when i`m start game, it`s does not always crash at the first autosave, sometimes it takes 3 to 5 days, but the crash still happens.... or load this save twice, too will crash plz watch my video this crash on Google drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cKrTRFnza4I63EqGJrN7MKCaAG6WXEGE/view?usp=drivesdk
  8. landing half of the rocket. Several blocks of the rocket (engine, 2 tanks of kerosene and 1 tank of oxygen disappear (like Copperfield!!!! ) Мир Грез Cycle 966.sav