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  1. Hi so today i Been spaming new maps to Try find a good one with sertain set pices, i finale found one. But when i returner to dont starve together 1 houer later, i can only find old maps and saves i players for 18 days(ingame) on the one i wanted. But now only have two maps i trashed and on day 6 Even when i usualy explor to day 8 before trashing them. Also two days ago i stayed up late playing a map from day 40 to 80, the nexst day it was on day 40 again like i didnt Even play. The staving icon showed up for both situations, the last map i Even rolled back two times with no issues. What can i do? Anyone els had this issu latly? Btw ps4 pro platform (sorry for typos on my phone also) ps not saving to cloud