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  1. I thought that this would be for the the old Hamlet menu color
  2. That sounds pretty good, if klei saw this would be a great way to bring him back to the game.
  3. Nice ! Thank you devs !!
  4. I have the same problem, and sometimes in the dark, the character won't pass the door even with SPACE
  5. The autumn filter is wrong, looks like it's spring. (day time only) --> get's fixed on dusk (apparently)
  6. QOL update report

    Me too ... me too
  7. Nice work devs.
  8. QOL update report

    cara em inglês por favor PS: não faça o Brasil passar vergonha (sorry guys)
  9. Hippopotamoose sometimes don't look right into water
  10. the window is facing the wrong direction
  11. I can steel the home key in the first day without the guards try to kill me, it's a bug or by design ? cause its' OP and can be done easily. (if it's proposital please remove, it breaks the game)
  12. Bug loja

    Cara ... aqui você tem que falar em inglês, beleza ?
  13. I spawned in a wrong area
  14. out of bonds bug on beta , exit on waterfall