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  1. hAhaAHaaaa... silly mee... I thought I was gonna play the RoT update until classic WoW comes out... Now at my luck its probably gonna coincide with its release and I have to tell my DST friends to go nag themselves when they ask me to join our common server which we had planned a long time ago... but then again my bae scheduled a 2 week holiday from work for classic WoWs release so... yeah floop me I guess.. I mean I respect their "pErfEct QuAlitY bEfoRe wE reLeaSe nEw ConTent"... but yeah, what does Klei have to lose? I wish they would just amp it up a bit or give us tiny bits of new content every 2 weeks or so.. I really liked the A New Reign release schedule. Yeah man... for years with DST and my friends its been smth like "yeah... we totally wanna start a new server, another mega base, 2000 day world, whatever... but well a new update is gonna come out (@ soonishTM) so lets rather wait and not start now cause its not worth it and we might lose our progress again)... Well when these promised updates then take like half a year to actually take place its really painful and in the end my buddies often end up losing all their interest in the game by the time the update has finally come out.. They really do kill the hype with these delays. I love Klei, I love DST, I think they are real exception and good company in this corporate greed game company meta. But man it's become a habit already for them to be heavily delayed on all their announcements... and there is always one kinda up ahead.. be it DST or singleplayer with the Hamlet stuff a while ago... I most of the time find myself in a "ughhh.... na lets wait till the new update before I start over" mood, ending up not playing much at all throughout the entire year.. its annoying. I am not sure Klei is aware how much this poses a problem to some of their playerbase. I mean there might be people who could consider this a spoiler? But I personally would feel much better already if they like every week showcased one future asset of their upcoming game, be it a new tree, critter or craftable, whatever... I would love some more transparency.
  2. I wholeheartedly agree that DST desperately needs more biomes. Hopefully with a more joyful colour palette than the current "depressing forest" we have.
  3. Anyone else notice that Warly & Wormwood in this artwork appear to be in the same (new?) biome?
  4. While I do generally very much understand the reason to spread the content out and have it keep alive the game over a long period of time. It also means most mods won't work for what, like a year from now on? =/
  5. It might not be as obvious from this screenshot, but there were many more, it was absolutely absurd. When I returned from RoG to Hamlet via the Skyworthy. A bat attack wave immediately descended upon me. But it was really an abnormous number of them. I couldnt count them. But killing them with like 2 tin chest pieces 2 tin helmets, 2 football helmets and 3 log suits yielded me 45 pig skin and 52 monster meat, so it was really an absurd number of animals. This was also only day 123, and I had other bat attack waves in the meantime that only consisted of like 15 bats ((before I managed to clear them, I had to come back for them several times, this was on the roc island were I have my private shanty + the skyworthy)). I feel like being in another world than Hamlet kinda gathers these numbers up until you return. I was 20 days in SW and another 5 in RoG before since I had initially left my Hamlet.
  6. [Game Update] - 295272

    Please do the hayfever world hopping crash next T_T RIP my day 100 world
  7. I had a similar issue during the Hamlet beta. I figured for me it had to do with having the required resources to craft something in my backpack as opposed to my personal inventory. Same with the key to the city. The City Planning tab does not come up if you have the key in your backpack as opposed to the personal inventory.
  8. Same problem. Was trying to jump to SW. Day 100 world RIP... I know it's a EA. But for some reason I never experienced as many ground breaking bugs in any EA before as in this Hamlet one... ugh this is the third time I lost a high day world that I had a blast with... It really sucks the life out of me...
  9. So I don't know how often you get taxes, but I got taxes this one day and logged out to try to get my bad performance going again. When I logged into my world again the pigs all gave me a coin again. I immediately logged out again to verify if its repeatable and yes, as often as you log into your world on the same tax day they will give you coins over and over again.
  10. No matter how often you freeze gnats with the ice staff, it will always remain at its former durability
  11. I had several instances of standing right next to a lightning rod and being hit by a lightning anyway, which always burned half my base down. Very frustrating. I am 100% sure that one of the instances was caused by "nearby" thunderbirds. I am wx78 and settled like 5 screens away from them. I have 2 lightning rods in my base. The other instance was just regular mist related lightning.
  12. Several bugs I came across with the Roc

    THe cave Roc exit crash happened again. This is what I got... EDIT: It happens infinitely. I cannot leave the cave. I eventually used commands to leave the island.
  13. 1. My game crashed when I tried to enter the cave exit in the roc cave. After rejoining I came back to the beginning of the last day, which was right before roc picked me up. This time... 2. the roc and I wx78 became stuck, reloading the game unstuck me and the roc was gone. I examined the roc right before it tried to pick me up. Both of us froze in the animation. then on the island itself 3. Several Regal Scepters spawn. Its my second playthrough I got there and in both instances there were 2 scepters. I am not using mods. Not even Geo placement.
  14. Ro Bin Dupe

    Had the same happen to me, I had the Egg in a decorative shelve at the time. Had around 10 spawn, before I was able to stop the mayhem
  15. 'worldmeteorshower' crashes us

    Ok, well I got that, yes. It's multi worlds then. But this just breaks my heart.. I don't seem to be able to get any mod running and crash free that simply adds jungle trees, palm trees and coffee bushes and this just breaks my heart... I always feel incomplete content from one iteration of DS is missing. I just want all the good stuffs they created combined =( thats basically all I ever use mods for