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  1. Where do you guys build your hamlets?

    Yes, but well. I don't destroy the pig cities. And I don't like it aesthetically to have 2 cities on the same island.
  2. Where do you guys build your hamlets?

    If worlds are connected, I prefer either SW or RoG. SW just because the islands can be so aesthetically pleasing. If in Hamlet, I would build it on the Island with the aporkalypse Calender. Also I prefer not to hammer down the other cities. I just can't get myself to do it,its so vile.
  3. I absolutely adore the Lunar Tree, the Sapling and the Avocado Bushes. What I want? MORE I hope the next Island has new trees, bushes and possible an alternate version of grass as well. BUT in a more colourful palette... What really drags me down everytime how depressing DSTs colour palette is, compared to Hamlet or SW.
  4. Warly's DST Debut Ideas

    Love the skin ideas
  5. Anyone else notice that Warly & Wormwood in this artwork appear to be in the same (new?) biome?
  6. Okay, so usually I am not someone to mess with the world settings as I like to enjoy the game as it was intended. However, with the current syncing of the seasons upon world hopping I absolutely cannot believe that it is intended to start with an aporcalypse if you started in RoG or SW and went to Hamlet for the first time after day 61. I mean sure, in my head it seems possible to maybe be able to rush to the Calender upon entering the world if you prepare well for it. I for one started in the SW so I could craft a particulate purifier to enter the gas jungle right away. But still, I imagine navigating the Hamlet ruins with an aporcalypse as terribly stressful so I would like to avoid it entirely. I have around 2000 hours playtime, but I was never particularly interested in defeating the "endgame" bosses like fuelweaver or in this case the ancient herald as the rewards kind of become pointless once you defeated the boss anyway. So what's the deal here? Is it inteded for the Aporcalypse to start right away if you start in RoG or SW and world hop after day 61? It just seems so incredibly stupid to me.
  7. Yes there is, you can copy your safe files from the beta branch to the life servers. But don't do it before the branch goes life. But do make a backup of them NOW, because I don't know what happens to the files ones the beta branch goes life. Go to your steam file -> userdata -> (the next file for me is 78155451, it might be a different number for you though) -> then it certainly is 219740 ->remote > dlc_porkland_interiors is where the beta branch files are, the one below (remote) is where your life branch files are. Be careful not to overwrite your life branch ones and safe everything before overwriting anything. Good Luck
  8. Any chance for a shipwrecked together

    You should check out "tropical experience" mod in DST. It does a decent job at porting SW and even some Hamlet stuff to DST. Sadly, with the new upcoming content drop for DST it's probably gonna be broken for a while.
  9. More sea structures

    Like sea walls?
  10. Glommers Goop is also a viable option. It heals for 50. In Hamlet you can toss gold into wishing wells to have a 80% chance to heal for 100. In Hamlet you can buy Honey Poultrice and Healing Salva at the Pig Spa shop for 5 & 4 oincs respectivley.
  11. What is this black edge? I found this in several playthroughs. Always on the island that has the aporcalypse calender on it. If I hover over it with the lazy explorer it even offers me to teleport, whereas on the clouds before the edge I can't do that. Is there another landmass going to be added on full release? Were these edges created as a placeholder to easily retrofit old worlds? Anyone got ideas here?
  12. Well, I just woke up. Checked the subreddit and saw something like "people hate the Willow" rework. So I came here and saw everything is on fire. Well I have an estimate 1600 hours of ingame time, so maybe my opinion matters to some degree. Well, I wouldn't call this rework "terrible". But it's uninteresting at best. To me personally characters are fun when they can do something others can't i.e. having their own crafting tab. I play Wickerbottom most of the time, because her books are just too good to skip. For this reason I am very excited about Wagstaff, his stuff is really amazing. For this reason I like what they did for Winona, though I am personally not too much of a fan of her particular structures. Neither summer nor winter are any trouble for me to deal with. Most of the time I don't even use campfires at all anymore. I use portable lanterns most of the time and I heat myself at the scaled furnace and also cook there. No reason to pick Willow for me whatsoever. However, I also don't care about a potential permanent fire immunity. I dispose of giants in vastly stretching teeth traps or let spiders or treants or tentacles do the trick or I just do the god damn ol' hit and run strategy, soloing Klaus is no problem for me. The release of Wortox and Winonas powerful structures made me think that the new DST content could be much tougher and I thought maybe all characters would come out much stronger after the rework (some need more of a buff than others). But we can clearly witness a degree of powercreep here. I like Willow visually, I like her voice. But I could never play her. I am not even someone who likes to take an easy route, I like when the game is tough. But I cannot get myself to deliberately pick "bad" characters, as for the remainder of the how many ever 100s of ingame days I will play, I will always have this nagging voice in my head telling me "oh with Wicker you could build a tentacle farm.... etc." I was hoping Willow would get some kind of thing she could craft for her team as well. I actually dont know, but is Bernie craftable? Can you share the Bernie (what is it even? a hat or a body armour then?) to other players? I was hoping she might get some nice lategame stationary lantern. Maybe she could craft a lantern that only lights if she is near them and has a light radius depending on her sanity or something. I don't know I am pulling straws here, I haven't given it much thought. But again, for me characters are pickworthy if they have their own fun gadgets to craft or if their other general perks are that strong that they are worth picking (In Hamlet I prefer playing WX 78 over Wicker because he can reliable charge himself with thunderbirds, I never touch Wolfgang though, in my opinion his damage is just way too strong, I am so tired of seeing speedrun and world record boss kills with Wolfgang) Just as a sidenote, I hope Wilson will also be reworked into something that is more than just "a standard character that has no perks or drawbacks", he is a damn scientist... give him some gadgets... even if they are wonky and unreliable. I also think that it's not a bad thing if characters would overlap a bit with their perks. I usually hate when devs make everything the same for all classes in other games. But I think it could really work out in DSTs favour if most characters get something to craft, it doesn't need to be too unique. Just let it be an alternative way of achieving a usual goal. Like there is tons of ways to play DST, so many different approaches, it's already a thing in the game. Give the characters more stuff to do. So tldr. I suggest giving willow some craftable stuff that is actually "fun"... It's all about the fun in the end. When you create or change stuff, always ask yourself "is it fun"?
  13. New Area Ideas

    A hedge maze biome
  14. While I do generally very much understand the reason to spread the content out and have it keep alive the game over a long period of time. It also means most mods won't work for what, like a year from now on? =/