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  1. They actually removed disease, it was like what, in the game foe 3 or 4 years. They actually removed a genuinely unfun and awful mechanic, that's a nice large step forward!
  2. Wow, that's a really incredible strategy, Helicalpuma is a great DST player, they make top notch content. I also a know certain mod that increases difficulty this strategy would work really well in, thanks for sharing!
  3. Sometimes I wonder how people are able to talk so much? Like how can someone gain 1000+ content count within the span of a few months.

    Baffles me.

  4. Ever read the bible? very obscure piece of literature, I know. But basically there's this part where there are 10 plagues of Egypt and one of them happens to be frog rain.
  5. I have big plans for the future. 

    1. WhackE


      This might sound cryptic and devious, but I just want to make big mods.

  6. Any one heard of Uncompromising mode?, it's a mod that increases the difficulty of DST while adding in a bunch of new content, I'd  highly recommend playing.



  7. one time I was playing don't starve, and it was 3am and I was everything was normal. And so I was walking around and I came across a pig village, BUT! all the pigs had black eyes and they were shouting at me to "LEAVE!" and so I was very afraid and run away and they chased me, I screamed but, when I looked at them they were REALISTIC and blood was pouring out of their eyes! so I went into the caves to escape them, but when I went down it wasn't the caves it was Maxwell and he was sitting on the trhown. He told me "you shouldn't have come here...." he told me he was actually a real person who was trapped inside the game, the game crashed and there was a scary image of his face, I tried to load up the game again but it was deleted. this is real and actually happened, you have to believe me.