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  1. I know it's been forever and a day- my job had me working evenings and I couldn't make it to the stream- but I wanted to share some mod art I've done recently for Crypt of the Necrodancer. Surprise, it's not merms!
  2. Back with some art for Merm-May. "Promise that you won't ever forget me..."
  3. GASP GASP Okay, not gonna lie, this took forever and I don't consider it finished but I'm out of time, even with the amazing @butlerkitties's help with drawing their OC, Wynnie . Introducing the Merm King's warriors, ready to have a royal rumble against the Pig King's elites. From left to right, their names are Guy, Tags, Nona, and Wynnie. They're ready to lay down the smack down with their oars (except for Guy, who is more of a bare-knuckle bodyslammer).
  4. Heehee, funny you mention Innsmouth considering his secret...
  5. Precious little beach bum with a secret I certainly can try when the inspiration strikes me! I've been pretty busy with work, but I'll see what I can do.
  6. So... I tried but the BFB just wasn't working out for me. I might still try to finish later, as I have a pretty clear image in my head of what I want to draw, but... in the meantime all I have to post is a dumb doodle I did last week during the stream. Mostly for @zergologist since we both love the Sanic merm. I present... Nart merm!
  7. So, you drew a Flareon Pog, and I drew a Vaporeon Pog. Only need the other six Eeveelutions now
  8. Experimented with a lighter lineweight this week. Per what is becoming a theme with me, I tried "mermifying" the Pugalisk. My intention was to base it on an eel, though I still wanted to retain the distinctive hognose snake facial shape. As a result, it's not as eel-like as I originally envisioned. Still, I like how it turned out. I might stick to using lighter lineweights from now on for larger-scale creatures.
  9. All right, I've finished my little menace! Presenting aqua pupper, sticker style. They'll steal from fish farms and trawl nets. They'll dive for mussels, loot wobster dens and sea traps, and gobble up any seaweed they happen across. They'll even swarm a whale carcass that's been left to bloat. You ever heard the term "sea devils"? That's the pog merms, to a T. Yes, I'm a fan of mermifying things. What tipped you off?
  10. Awh, thank you! Coloring and shading are my main focuses for improvement right now.
  11. I drew a more detailed version of Crowe's Mer King Wilson's Sea Staff. The runes etched into the staff are part of the merm language that Crowe has been inventing- it's super cool! The Sea Staff is like the Forge's Living Staff in many ways. It's a powerful artifact, wrought from the sea's bounty and combined with a large chunk of one of the Gnaw's old teeth, which fell into the sea of the Gorge long ago and found its way into the Constant. The Sea Staff can create an area of healing, but should its effects be used on a non-aquatic or non-amphibious creature, the subject will fall victim to the Gnaw's plague, slowly mermifying. This side effect can befall almost all manner of creatures, not just humans, pigs, and goats. Of course, not all creatures becomes merms of the same sort as what we're familiar with. Rather, they become bulkier, scaly, amphibious varieties of their former species. I'm hoping to draw some examples of this phenomenon eventually. Thinking I'll do pogs first, and then maybe beefalo. I intend to design Wigfrid soon, it just depends on when I get enough of a concept going. I just started a full-time job, so I'm only gonna have time for maybe one big project or two smaller projects a week until I get accustomed to these hours. I will do my best, though!
  12. I haven't finished my pog for this week, but since this is on the topic of the stream... I made a mermified Jouste Decided to base him off of a koi, since he's an artist and some koi look like they're covered in splotches of ink and paint. That isn't to say the drawbarian is messy, but koi just make me think "artsy." Also, thanks @SDragonhead for critiquing my design before I posted!
  13. Okay, I'm a little late this week because I started my new job and I've been a bit wiped out, not to mention I was really busy over the long weekend with family stuff. as a result, I didn't really get to do everything I wanted to with this one. Still, I can't say I'm entirely displeased with it. Say hello to Pig Queen (not Shadow Queen) Wilba! Also, for those of you that don't watch my art thread, here's a Funko Pop mermified Wilba!
  14. Drew one of my buddy Crowe's OCs, Tags. Tags was a swamp pig, or possibly a wildbore, in his "previous life," and he still retains little hints of that identity, having longer, tusklike lower teeth. He's one of the most formidable fighters in the largest merm village of the Shipwrecked isles, and he is steadfastedly loyal to his king.
  15. You're correct, her color scheme is taken from her surfboard! This does give her close coloration to a fishermerm though!
  16. And at last, my Shipwrecked set is complete. Please welcome mermified Walani! Can anyone guess what her color scheme is based off of?
  17. Ooh, that might be fun. I have a couple others queued up to do beforehand (Walani being my next target), but I'll gladly give Pugna a shot. I'm just taking a day or two off due to creative burnout.
  18. Hello yes can I please have eleventy-billion of these?
  19. As you can see, it's the afternoon, and the shopkeeper is up and about, yet I'm still able to take things without paying. What's funnier is that she'll just restock the item right after I've stolen it, allowing me to steal as much as I please until nightfall.
  20. Mermified Warly and Wilbur. Warly has lots of barbels because a) I needed to model his facial hair somehow and b) barbels contain taste buds, so clearly as a gourmet and a gifted chef, he needs to be a fish of an especially refined palette. Wilbur was a heck of a lot of fun to draw.
  21. Mermified Wilba! I have to say, it took me a while to translate her hair into fins in a way that didn't look unnatural. Her color scheme was also tricky to work with, so I decided to go with a light green default color rather than trying to work in her dress color or her natural pink. Also, don't ask me what that hair bow is attached to. That's knowledge beyond anyone's comprehension.
  22. An art request from @CheeseNuggets101 Mermified Woodlegs!