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  1. category: [Gameplay] Platform: Mac Do you use mods?: No Version Number: Rev. 298833 577 Issue title: Backpack left on the ground before entering the temple can be found nowhere when exiting the temple Steps to reproduce: 1. Leave the backpack on the ground and wear an armor 2. Enter the temple 3. Exit the temple 4. Backpack lost Describe your issue: When I entered the temple I found there were two scorpions in it. So I exited and left my backpack outside the temple and wore a wood armor before entering the temple again. When I killed the scorpions and returned to take my backpack it could be found nowhere. I nearly searched the whole map around but there was still nothing
  2. Archives missing

    My archives are all lost after the forge. And there's nothing in the DoNotStarveTogether folder. I have updated the game but still, there's nothing
  3. Well, once my friend and I were staying in our base and we had food cooking in the crockpot. While waiting I made a fire staff and held it in my hand. AND when the food was ready I CLICKED on the crockpot to harvest it. The next second my fire staff was SETTING FIRE TO the crockpot and everything was burning. That was the most foolish thing I had ever done.