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  1. Holy crap! I can scroll around at a reasonable pace and fast speed runs so much better
  2. As another mentioned, the collapsible resource window is a great idea but it cannot be a fixed size. You've now restricted me to seeing half of what I could before. It needs to be resizable. I do hope the performance issues are being looked at but just because this update doesn't contain any I won't make an assumption that it isn't in the works.
  3. It's my first time using the jet suits and I was a little puzzled by this as well. It says it requires petroleum yet it has no intake pipe, only a "filtered output" like you would see on a Liquid Filter.
  4. So many great improvements. Looking forward to December 13! Thank you.
  5. Just had the same problem. Only the capsule came down. It was my first petrol rocket. Since it was going 30KM I saved the game and quit before it landed. I also replaced the petrol pipes with insulated pipes while it was gone. Edit: Tried reloading the save twice. Capsule still came down by itself, I even tried deconstructing all the pipe.
  6. Happens to me as well, with petroleum and steam as well. With steam I think it sometimes coincided with me changing the cargo limit. I would be adjusting it upwards and all the steam would dump out.
  7. RU-285480 I have a storage compactor with 1718.7 Kg of Ice @ -6.9F inside. Every second 12.8g of of Ice @ 27.3F falls out. Then it seems to disappear. If I pause the instant it vanishes, the GUI tells me there is now 12.8g of water there @ 34.1F but there is no water visible. Not sure if this is a bug or just a polish issue. Screenshots show the ice and water, .sav included for investigation. Schloss.sav