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  1. Hi, I had another crash that I do not know exactly what happened ... I started a new game on Shipwrecked with active hamlet and Rog ... I got on the boat (cargo boat) and the game a few seconds later and crashed with a crash image (I left you a picture). I tried to redo the same thing I had done before, but the crash did not show up anymore. I tried to keep playing to see if it occurred again, but in addition to several problems that I had previously reported (slowdowns, waves of dogs that are generated indefinitely every time you enter and exit the volcano, animations absent during travel between Rog is H ...) the bug has not returned. Something must have happened in the world near me that caused the bug. I have no mods installed, and I have Rog + H + Sheep active on the same game, but I have only activated Rog and Sheep .. I have not started Hamlet for the first time, I'm focusing on the first two expansions before moving to Hamlet. . I left you some of my game files, I hope to help you better .. Thank you for your expansion and for the hard work you are having to fix the game. DxDiag.txt log.txt volcano_1 shipwrecked_1 profile morgue survival_1 boot_modindex motd saveindex cave_1_1_1 motd_image backup_log.txt
  2. I tried to use the Spear Gun, and the game that gave me error .. I dont use any mods. I active ROG+Sheep+ Hamlet I continue to have the same errors and frame rate drops that I described in my last report .. I hope my reports are read
  3. I created a new game, with hamlet and Shipwrecked + ROG ... I'm having several bugs. The last and what you see in the picture .. What has happened: I had planted a tree inside the volcano, the wind made it fall, and the game gave an error I DONT USE any mods.. -I'm having other graphic and sound bugs. - When you try to get inside a volcano, the game remains loading without ever reaching the end. -The houses of pigs in ROG, during the night emit the sounds of hamlet houses. - On Shipwrecked I have strong drops of framerate when I approach the houses of the dolphins .. I have a configuration that exceeds the minimum requirements to play this game, and before I had never ever had problems. - Whenever I enter the volcano or the caves in ROG ... the game keeps on generating the dogs, every time I go out from the cave/vulcano - Wrapped during the summer the game stops, remaining still on the same day, making it impossible to overcome the summer I DONT USE any mods.. Goodluck
  4. I keep having this bug even after your last update. I thank you for having given me the chance to try this expansion, but this bug prevents me from trying and seeing if there are other bugs ... Whenever I enter a shop or my home, for some reason all the rooms become black ... One thing that I noticed and that every time I saved my game and closed the game, when I returned the next day to continue testing your beta, the bug returned. I restarted 25 times, I played a lot of hours, and every time I have to start over . I am forced not to enter a room, but the game has very few resources in the world that prevents a player from living long without using a store. What can I do now? start again? and if the problem should reappear? I hope I have been helpful log.txt porkland_1_dlc_porkland morgue_dlc_porkland saveindex_dlc_porkland profile_dlc_porkland modindex_dlc_porkland
  5. I collected the water from the fountain (the one with the giant snake), I escaped and every time I move away from the snake the game freezes
  6. Whenever the bats (which attack the player ...) are generated, the birds and the seeds disappear and do not come back. The only way to get them back ... is to get out of the game and get back into the game. I tried several times to restart the game and continue to have this annoying bug.
  7. The pig guards were hitting the Birchnutters ... after a few seconds the game stopped.
  8. I was inside the house, I put a piece of monster meat in the big fridge, and the game got stuck. The refrigerator is what is built only inside the house. And please Kley fix the bats, they continue to be generated without a limit. In my map I counted about 45 bats. There are so many bats that I will not be able to run away because they are everywhere ... it's impossible to kill them! is not funny -.-...
  9. I hope he can help you. I had to start over several times, beyond this problem (see photo), every time I go out or within a house or cave the game starts to rain again even if it has just stopped. I tried to restart a new game by disabling the rain, but now continues to have this other problem ... I am forced to wait for your update.