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  1. The only skin I want is Webber's Halloween skin. Then my collection will be complete. :,>
  2. Servers with 1000+ Days

    How predictable of you to point fingers. Thankfully, I had no "reputation" to gain from that 5k server debacle since I try to stay out of the eyes of the community, so let's talk about you, yes? You can point at everyone else for all I care, but we were talking about what you did and nothing can change the fact that you shouted out accusations without proof when Habber was making a thread just to tell people not to witch hunt servers; possibly thinking it was his fault (Which it is definitely not!), forcing people to feel on edge and rush to defend themselves when they just wanted to get over this whole situation and move on with their lives. This wasn't about Clayfish. Clayfish is gone. Get over it. Everyone already admitted to their own faults and regrets on that server and nothing more can be said, so kindly move on and stop shouting fire where there is none.
  3. Servers with 1000+ Days

    You should probably get over it to, mate. It isn't healthy to keep obsessing over something you weren't a part of for some cheap laughs at other people's expense. Good job derailing the thread though and forcing people to have to defend themselves so they don't get mixed up with another group doing stuff in the beta. Cheers.
  4. I just want different foods with affects outside of the usual hunger, sanity, and health. Like coffee. :^) Actually, if I remember correctly, my sisters and I were talking about the idea of having more foods that impact body temperature. Like having coffee give you a speed boost but raising your body temperate and iced coffee doing the same thing but lowering. Maybe we can have foods that strengthen you? Increase your defense for a period of time? And on the topic of Warly, I just want to throw this out there. I am personally hoping that he has a perk that makes it so everything he cooks is nearly 100% freshness despite the low percentage of the ingredients and he just cooks faster. Kind of like Willow's perk with making fires burn longer when she adds fuel. That'd be neat for all the people who love cooking 40 things at a time.
  5. It took me until almost day 2000 to finally swallow my shyness and enter the server and I couldn't have been more happy to be a part of this. Maybe I'm too sentimental, but this experience was a blessing to me. Much love to everyone. <3