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  1. I know that the topic of optimization has been touched upon here more than once, but it was 2 years ago, I decided to try playing ONI again with all its updates and additions. But what did I see again? the game is lagging behind again in a late game. This is despite the fact that a little more than a year ago I updated the configuration of my PC to the best that I could afford. And the point now is not in the low FPS as before, but the fact that several times per cycle the FPS in the game drops to 1 for a moment, but this is very annoying and prevents me enjoying the game. My Configurations: Amd Ryzen 7 2700 up to 3.8 Ghz DDR4 16gb 3200mhz Nvidia GeForce 1060 6gb
  2. Game crashes when researching RAD technologies. this happens very often. I checked it without any mod but it crashed anyway. The game crashes when I do RAD research The crash happens 2 seconds after the RAD research gets 1 point It's not the 1st RAD technology I completed, and I had crashes at every one of them but it happened only once per technology, and after restart the research completed without crashes. However, in this case, crashes are stable Rad_research_crash.sav
  3. Since when is the new soundtrack is the old soundtrack?
  4. WTF is written NEW SOUNDTRACK so why the hell do they give me all the music that's already in the game? WHERE NEW SOUNDTRACK, tell us KLEI
  5. I noticed that wild Wheezewort for 1 tact, absorbs 250g / sec of gas and cools it to 5C, the domestic does the same, absorbs 250g / sec of gas and cools it for 5c, I think it’s a mistake here, the domestic should absorb 1kg / sec
  6. it is at least not logical that whatever the temperature of the water purifier entering the outlet will be 39.9
  7. And how long will not change the fixed temperature system? To be honest, it is very unpleasant that water falls into water sieve -16C, but it turns out 39.9C
  8. This is still not the solution. Even if it works, long loading problem should be solved
  9. I'm on 811 cycle and my saves load 10-15 minutes or even can't load at all. Before — on 600-700 cycle — saves was loading long, but anyway it took less time than now This means I just can't play 800+ cycles, but thus there's no sense to play at all My PC: RAM 16gb Proccessor: 6core 3.3GhZ Nvidia GeForce 1070Gtx Game is set to SSD
  10. 219e99dda2cd23b5.sav My friend got the same but. Here's save Oxygen_jumps_in_pipes.sav
  11. 16GB ram, amd phenom x6 1105t, nvidia geforce 1070. the game is installed on the ssd While I was recording it there was 40 FPS, what kind of lags are you talking about?
  12. this happens even at the minimum speed of the game, there are no background programs running, t here are no such problems with other pipes and there have never been. I deleted this pipe and built it again, but the problem did not go anywhere, restarting the game did not help either, it’s definitely not a problem with my computer. I dropped a save to my friend and he had the same problem, the problem is somewhere in the code of the game, but I see it for the first time in 400 hours of play, so I don’t even have a minimal idea how this could happen video at minimum speed bandicam 2019-02-21 15-38-52-917.mpbandicam 2019-02-21 15-38-52-917.mp4 video where duplicates and water / gas pipes are removed (min speed) bandicam 2019-02-21 15-53-35-681.mp4 bandicam 2019-02-21 15-53-35-681.mp4bandicam 2019-02-21 15-53-35-681.mp4 bandicam 2019-02-21 15-53-35-681.mp4
  13. Air (oxygen) teleportates in the pipe to random places bandicam 2019-02-21 15-38-52-917.mp4 - min speed bandicam 2019-02-21 01-43-11-347 (online-video-cutter.com) (1).mp4 - max speed bandicam 2019-02-21 15-53-35-681.mp4 - video where duplicates and water / gas pipes are removed (min speed) in debug mode, deleted all gas and water pipes, also deleted all dupes, the situation with gas teleportation in pipes remained the same at any speed of the game, although the performance of the game at that time was quite high
  14. Sometimes I can not promote dupes after they got full experience for a job. It can be fixed by reload, but still annoying=\
  15. The temperature of the regolith with rockcomet increased from 200-260C to 360-415C did I really notice it alone?
  16. What about rockcomet temperature? Will you return it to its original position or not? already 4 days asking about it
  17. Seriously, do you just leave rockcomet too hot? you have not even written about the changes in the list of changes. Or at least make it to the list of changes so that I don’t at least expect that you can fix it or fix it already !!!
  18. After your changes, the rockcomet regolith became too hot, that my cooling pipes with dirty water break without having to cool the regolith. does the water in them just evaporate wtf? it is simply impossible to cool if the base is located in a vacuum earlier, the regolith temperature did not exceed 260 ° C; now it is 415-420 ° C public Vector2 explosionTemperatureRange = new Vector2(500f, 700f); primaryElement.Temperature = (comet.temperatureRange.x + comet.temperatureRange.y) / 2f; count (500+700)/2 = 600F ~ 315 ° C which is still very hot, because there were 260-270 ° C Why? 415.1 ° C Whats happening?
  19. The game crashed. I've no idea why exactly. It didn't create crash report. I used the last version of the game q1-297993 save216.sav
  20. nope. I use Google as a translator and copying the text this background appears by itself and I cannot delete it
  21. Why is the meteor regolith so hot? usually around 260С and now it's 400C + WTF ???? how do i cool it? My water cooling, which previously coped well, is now constantly being destroyed, my entire space base is simply being destroyed by overheating
  22. If you turn off infinite incubation in Incubator and then you save-load the game, it will turn on again
  23. I got same problem since 288641 patch. All went OK after I returned to 285480 version My system amd phenom x6 1105t 16GB Nvidia GeForce 1070 Ti Win 10