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  1. Upcoming Changelist for Console

    Thanks for the update!
  2. What’s going on with mark of the ninja on switch? Why is no one from Klei letting their fans know about any plans to fix their product
  3. Cool. also, People are having issues with mark of the ninja on switch and no one from Klei has responded. Are there plans to fix these issues? Why are you ignoring people that want to play your games
  4. People have been asking about Mark of the ninja switch and it’s technical problems, yet no one from Klei has commented. Maybe they’re hoping that the game won’t sell enough for there to be enough of a backlash, but that’s a pretty bad way to treat their fans
  5. Why are you ignoring issues people are having with mark of the ninja on switch

  6. Switch version framerate

    Have they commented on this at all?
  7. 30 FPS on Switch?

    Hi, i was going to buy the game but read impressions that the switch version is 30 fps. Is that correct? Is there going to be any patch to get it to 60 fps? thanks