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  1. Hello everybody! I came back, and to celebrate the premiere of Wortox I drew him with Wormwood! Since both of them look so adorable together!
  2. Hello again everyone! Finally was able to finish a drawing on time (barely), Wolfgang is one of those characters with a very different anatomy from the rest of the cast, which was a challenge to draw...but nonetheless I really like the result, and hope you like it too!
  3. @ShadowEnigma22 Exactly...I was thinking in Flareon meanwhile was drawing's my favorite Pokémon with my favorite character in Don't Starve. \(OwO)/ I want Flareon Pogs~
  4. Hi again everyone! I know this was last week challenge but due to work I was unable to finish it in time, but here it is finally. Hope you like it as much as I do! PS: I'm not that good with the backgrounds but loved how the clouds turned out!
  5. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums! Love the art stream and wanted to share my work with you guys. I love the game so I made a drawing of the OC of my boyfriend and mine in a Don't Starve style. I simply loved the result and hope you also like it!