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  1. Also.. will the existing worlds be updated or do we have to create new one?
  2. Adventure from Hamlet, but since I saw no similar thread there, I'll just post it here
  3. World Gen: Islands

    Boat eating/pushing mob, that spawn on open seas, could solve that without need to limit player Already written
  4. Island Biomes

    My gf wants zeb. So we need Zeb living on one of the islands. Help I'm tortured
  5. I guess she didnt like the pen
  6. What if bunny earmuffs would not need science maschine to craft? If I join in spring, i can make parasol+strawhat (+ tree abuse for 0 wetness). If I join in summer, I can make whirlwind fan and strawhat, while chilling under trees. Autumn is easy. But only way to survive winter without preparation is to burn stuff or keep making campfires. Not fun for anyone except Willow.
  7. Also, dont forget, if you have friends, you can make them love you easily: 1) honey seasoned food for Woodie to chop fast 2) grim galette for Wormwood/Wickerbottom for fast healing or sanity 3) spicy voltgoat jelly for Wolfgang to make him raidboss 4) garlic powder for Wigfrid to master her defense (80% armor + her leech will make her unkillable) 3) pancakes, bone soup or Moqueca for Wortox to ease his hunger drain 4) Asparagazpacho for Willow, so she can bath in flames without overheating issues (need verify) 5) monster tartare for Webber or Wormwood, if you're too lazy to turn cooked mm into eggs. Also note that 2 mm and 2 eggs always turn into tartare while cooking in Portable crockpot (so no chance for bacon&eggs). Tartare cooks very fast. And looks fancy!
  8. Maybe some sort of trader guy with decorative stuff. I would personally like gorge stuff or turfs. Digging them for my base always leave sad rocky place on floor.
  9. If you're not Wurt main, you're eating crockpot dishes anyway. The only thing I struggled with was sanity in long fights (aka no cooked greencaps or cacti), but hey - BQ crown is thing. When paired with huge damage buff from Voltgoat jelly, fight should not last long.
  10. ... from community! Like really, a lot of people don't like him for no reason at all! Some time passed and I would like YOU to share your experience and tips for playing the Cheff: Some things from me: